INTERACT Fan Of The Moment

November 2007

Name: Phuong (Nellie)
Age: 16
Location: Hanoi - Vietnam
Email Address: natarajnatj[AT]
Favourite Nicole film: Ohh, that's a lot :); Cold Mountain, The Interpreter, Moulin Rouge!, The Others, The Hours, Fur, Margot At The Wedding (i haven't seen it yet but by the trailers and the pics, i just love it!), Birthday Girl, Birth, The Portrait of A Lady, Dogville... God! I love all of them :)

001 When Did You First Become A Fan of Nicole?
Not so long, i've become her fan since "Cold Mountain" was out but just really a huge fan of hers about 2 months ago. I know it's not a long time but it is what it is. She is my first hero (or an idol), before i haven't gotten enough luck to find one.

002 What is it about Nicole that you really love/admire?
I really love Nic because she has the warmth, kindness and humanity deep inside her heart, and what she's done for the poor/unfortunate children has touched my heart as well. Her acting is so great too but personally, i respect her as a woman who is at the same age as my mother. I also admire her style and her manners, they are so elegant, sweet, simply beautiful and womanly.

003 Has she affected your life in any way?
Yes. She makes me feel more... girly because before, i was not really so. So i try to be sweeter day by day because i know i was born to be a girl, and later a woman. I know that's "changing" but i will never lose my fountain self. Nic has completed me, not as much as my boyfriend but in some ways, she does. I can say since i was her big fan, i've been caring about the others more, i feel like doing charities more, and i love my life more. I know choosing her to be my idol is not a wrong decision. She is the most perfect "mirror" for me to learn from. I also love some quotes of hers and i take them as advices for myself.

004 What would you like to see Nic do in the future?
Living her life happier and happier with who she loves :). I know acting is the thing she really loves and lives for but as i remember a quote of hers: "I love acting, but it's much more fun taking the kids to the zoo". I love it. And i know she loves having children with Keith so i hope they will give birth a some in the future, when they are ready. :)

005 If you could say one thing to Nicole, or do one thing for her, what would it be?
"Be happy, stronger and... please give up smoking because that will kill you one day, for sure! God bless you"

006 Why should you be fan of the month?
I don't really hope that i will be fan of this month because i'm so new here but as other fans, i do hope, just not too much. And i'm happy that in this rough world, this hard life, Nicole exists.