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Here's your chance to show off how much you love Nicole! Each month one fan will be chosen to be featured here, and that fan will get the chance to tell us other fans why they love Nic so much. That fan will be featured on the site for a whole month. Think you'd make a good Fan Of The Month? All you have to do is send me the following information, plus your answers to the questions. You may include a photo as well, but thats your choice. Make your answers original and interesting - they are the ones that will get picked. Please answer all questions!

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001 When did you first become a fan of Nicole?
002 What is it about Nicole that you really love/admire?
003 Has she affected your life in any way?
004 What would you like to see Nic do in the future?
005 If you could say one thing to Nicole, or do one thing for her, what would it be?
006 Why should you be fan of the month?



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