INTERACT » One Day I'll Fly Away

If you could take Nicole to one place in the whole entire world, where would you take her, and why? Submit your answer through email or fill in the form below.

CC would fly Nicole to ... Paris. Probably with Paula too. :)

Chrissy would fly Nicole to ... where my father comes from MALTA, reason being beucase its such a beautiful place and its would be awesome!! :)

Annalyse would fly Nicole to ... to a tropical island probably somewhere in Hawaii and there we would swim and well who knows just hangout. Impossible I know but like Jiji said funny to imagine.

Hugo would fly Nicole to ... somewhere to tell her that the sun can't be more hot, the rain can't be more wet as I can't admire her more.

Andrea would fly Nicole to ... San Francisco to walk the Golden Gate Bridge and we could also go to Los Angeles to Hollywood.

Nellie would fly Nicole to ... my home in Vietnam :). I will cook and I know she will give me a hand and we will eat, have girly chat and have a nice time together. Then if she agrees, we will see one of her movies together and i will be so thrilled to see how see react to see herself in a movie :p. I want my mother to join too, cuz she and Nicole are at the same age. Lol i haven't got a Godmother so... Well, this sounds so silly :p

Raymond would fly Nicole to ... her home

Tina would fly Nicole to ... a remote island, where there is nothing but the two uf us.We would talk (after a few days being silent because I wouldn't be able to open my mouth 'cause I would be too shy, lol) and enjoy the beautiful sun sets and the wide ocean,just sitting next to each other doing nothing...completely enjoying the moment

Paula would fly Nicole to ... a cafe in Paris, where we could sit down and talk and just relax.

Kati would fly Nicole to ... Bonn in Germany, because I live there and my biggest wish is to meet her!!

Kelly would fly Nicole to ... Washington! I was born in WA, and it's such a relaxed and lovely place. I would love love love to show her a little of my world. Then fly to Australia or Nashville and she could show me some of the word that she has grown to love.

Kristi would fly Nicole to ... Estonia, because I live here, and I want to show her that beautiful, little country.

Laia would fly Nicole to ... SPAIN especially in Barcelona because she never visited this city and a lot of people from around the world vist it La Pedrera, La Sagrada familia.... it's so beautiful:-) Going to Barcelona is one of the dreams of a lot o of english people!

Connie would fly Nicole to ... England. I went there once and it was amazing. I know Nicole lives in Australia but I don't know if she's ever been to England. It would be a wonderful place for me to take the gorgeous woman at.

Basia would fly Nicole to ... Poland :-) because she never visited this country. As an intelligent woman she should get to know how the political system changed in this part of Europe. Maybe she could pick up some polish expressions :-)

Jessica would fly Nicole to ... the moon and play among the stars. We'd see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars. I'd hold her hand, give her a kiss, fill life with a song and sing forevermore. She's all I hope for. But seriously though, I'd fly her where she wanted to go. Talk about her future projects. I'd talk about my screenplay with her. We'd relax. Just have a normal day. Maybe some wine and good food.

Liz would fly Nicole to ... any where she'd want to go. I'd be happy being wherever she is. But if I had the choice i'd take her somewhere hot with clear blue seas and milky white sands where we could both sunbathe together! Id let her kids come too! I guess it would have to be St.Barts.:-)

Melissa @ would fly Nicole to ... either Holland or Indonesia (my Parents are Dutch Indonesia). Holland because its fun there and we'd probably cause ALL SORTS OF havoc (i'm close to her age... I'm 29 and I LOVE TO PARTY just not ALL the time) Indonesia because its close to Australia and its Tropical As well.

'Satine' would fly Nic to ... every place where she could teach me everything on how to become such a great actress! Then... a shopping and chat evening.

Lew would fly to Nic to ... anywhere and then go shoping and learn how to be an actress.

Bea would fly Nic to ,.. Figi near Austrailia. I would take her out for an ice tea by the hot beach, then invite her swimming in the clear crystal water-go *skuba diving!*, then finally a nice calm chat while sunbathing under the heat of the sun.Then in the evening invite her and a friend out to a nice restraunt near the beach at night time and chat about anything nicole would want to talk about.

Kate would fly Nic to Australia. I always wanted to go there. And I'm sure Nicole would love to be home! And she could show me where she grew up and places she hung out. I would love to meet her family also. And to be in Nicole's hometown with Nicole would be the best EVER!

Jess would fly Nic to London! I'd take her shopping in London, cause I think she'd be so fun to shop with. Or we'd go to my town and shop. Then we'd go to the cinema to see a film of her choice ;)

Tess @ would fly Nic to ... BRAZIL: the country I was born in, the country I live in, the country I love and the country that has lots of GREAT things to show her. I'm sure she would love it.

Andreia would fly Nic to ... a place where Nicole wants to go,but the place doesn´t matter because with Nicole whoever place is the most wonderful in the world because she´s fantastic,sweet,wonderful,magnific,and with her the time is precious like diamonds and sweet like a candy!!

Jessica would fly Nic to ... Sydney!! So she could so me this amazing city!!! Show me her favourite places! And at the end of the day a girly chat, with some wine, just relaxed!!!

Anna would fly Nic to ... a warm exotic place like somewhere in the carrabian maybe, but somewhere where she wouldnt have to worry about the papparatzi for once we could just sunbathe and chat and she could bring any one she wants and so could i.

Elliot would fly Nic to ... Paris. We'd spend all morning shopping, then just adventure the city looking at all the buildings. Then we'd go to a quite little restaurant and have a candle lit dinner, then I'd take her to the Arch De Triumph to give the perfect day a perfect ending.

Billie-Jo would fly Nic to ... anywhere she wanted either it be bad (that's impossible) or great! I would invite her whole family and all of her friends!!

Natasha would fly Nic to ... a better place where nobody knew us so we could just talk to each other. (Then I would take her to Belgium just for fun, because we would be friends then).

Jiji would fly Nic to ... a beautiful beach where we could swim with the sharks because she dreams of it and her children don't allow her to do that! And then we'd eat and chat a lot, and have fun as friends, something very imposible but funny to imagine!


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