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Nic's been the star of so many movies and had so many great ones, so which one's your favourite? The 'Come What May' finale in Moulin Rouge? The radio station ring-in scene from Vietnam? Or maybe its the train station scene from The Hours? Everyone has their personal favourites. Submit yours through email or fill in the form below, including yours reasons for it being your favourite.

Whats your favourite scene from a Nicole movie/TV Mini-Series and why?

Name: Daphne
Favourite Scene: Confession scene in Eyes Wide Shut, and Come What May in Moulin Rouge
Why?: In Eyes Wide Shut, the scene where she confesses how she wanted to throw her whole life away for the naval officer- she stole all the scenes in that movie but that scene in particular is mezmerizing and made me fall in love with her. In Moulin Rouge the night after she is sick and tells Christain they need to end it and he comes up with the idea of their song Come What May. In the Hours when she's lying on the ground with the dead bird. And she stole all the scenes in The Golden Compass and in Margot at the Wedding.

Name: Michelle
Favourite Scene: In The Invasion, when she tell Ben that she had the virus also..
Why?: She showed great emotions, it made me cry

Name: Marie Diamond
Favourite Scene: The poetry reading scene from Moulin Rouge! Also When she tells Harold Zidler that she is leaving the Moulin Rouge.
Why?: The poetry scene because i find it hilariously funny, and it really shows her fun side. I find its a side to nicole that you really dont get to see in films. Telling Harold she is leaving because this scence is an excenlent example of grade A acting, i can see why she won the oscar. This scene really fills me with emotion, its so powerful.

Name: Beth
Favourite Scene: It is in Moulin Rouge when Christian and Satine are singing the Elephant Love Medley.
Why?: This is my favorite scene because when you listen and really understand the lyrics, it gives you hope that there is some kind of love out there. That whole movie expresses such a love. Hehe so corny, but its true.

Name: Kati
Favourite Scene: My favoutite scenes are very much from Moulin Rouge, but I also love the scene in Cold Mountain in the end, when Inman dies and she run to him.
Why?: I love this scene, because at that point I sat in the cinema, crying (really crying) and my biggest wish was just to be Inman...;-)

Name: Paula
Favourite Scene: In the Hours when she drowns herself.
Why?: You don't wan't to see her life come to such a tragic end.

Name: Kelly
Favourite Scene: In Far and Away when Nicole is sitting over Tom in the end when she thinks he died, she starts crying and they had finally gotten what they wanted.
Why?: I cried because she didn't want him to die and it was very emotional. Then when he comes back from being dead suddenly I laughed my head off, I had been crying for what seemed like nothing. It was great.

Name: Rose
Favourite Scene: In Moulin Rouge before she dies when she said I'll always be with you.
Why?: -

Name: Joc
Favourite Scene: In Eyes Wide Shut, when she´s drunk at the party dancing with the hungarean, and the conversation after they smoke pot.
Why?: It's like a mix of innocence, seduction, beauty, inteligence, tenderness in the same person at the same time, like a mix of good and evil at the same time, simply perfect, simply nicole.

Name: Airen
Favourite Scene: In The Stepford Wives, when Walter saves all the wives by taking out the micro-chips in there brains.
Why?: Because, Joanna was broken-up that her husband wanted to change her, and then once he stopped it all, she was happy again, that her husband likes her the way she is. Its seems like its not acting, it seem so real.

Name: Mel
Favourite Scene: In Moulin Rouge when she thinks Christian's the Duke and he's trying to recite poetry.
Why?: It is soooo hilarious my friends and I laugh so hard and have even made it our own little inside joke =) But you've definitely gotta give Mr.McGregor props for keeping a straight face. I think Nic should do more comedy.

Name: Frank
Favourite Scene: In Moulin Rouge when she finds out that's she's dying "...all my life you made me believe that I was only worth what someone would pay for me... "
Why?: Because the scene is so real, you can tell she's really feeling what she's saying at the moment and that's why she's so good an actress, because she can make you believe things... and by the way it's so touching...

Name: Taylor
Favourite Scene: From Moulin Rouge, when Nicole and Ewan are singing the Elephant Love Medley.
Why?: Because it makes you want to sing with them

Name: Analisa
Favourite Scene: The Others, when her husband left and she ran outside by the gate looking for him.
Why?: It is very touching because he was gone for a long time and left again the next morning after they made love.

Name: Dustin
Favourite Scene: In Birth, where she finally gets that it is indeed her husband in the young Seans body she and her fiancee go to the opera.
Why?: That whole scene is planted right on her face and you can tell excatly what she is thinking and she isnt saying a word or moving anything but her eyes...WOW!

Name: Claude
Favourite Scene: Most of Dead Calm, especially when she grabs her husband's hand
Why?: She begins the movie as a fragile mother who lost her baby in dramatic circumstances, but gets strong and ready to do anything to save her husband (incl. being raped...)

Name: KL
Favourite Scene: SPOILERS!! 1) Dogville - At the end of the movie when she realizes the truth about Dogville. As the narrator so perfectly puts it, "It was as if her sorrow and pain finally assumed their rightful place". 2) Bewitched - When she crosses her eyes and makes a cute face
Why?: 1) The first time I saw it, I almost cheered. I had felt so horrible for her because of all the abuse that had been forced upon her character, that seeing her take action was a huge sigh of relief. I was so happy for her. That whole ending was amazing. Though it made me feel guilty at the same time. Never in my life had I been so happy for the death of so many people... 2) She tends to have this "serious actress" aura around her all the time. So seeing a cute and funny scene like that had be totally off guard, and I couldn't do anything but marvel at radiance.

Name: Romain
Favourite Scene: The death of Satine
Why?: because I think that the happy-end isn't the only way to close a movie, and that when a woman dies on screen it makes me... special.... well it makes me cry !! ok I'm a boy and so what !! (lol) Seriously I think that at the moment Satine is really perfect : beautiful, wearing the wedding dress all the jewels, in love happy... and so the scene is very lovelable and more when we know that her happyness is on top and that there is something more powerfull, death... // Donc je pense que la happy-end où tout le monde est heureux à la fin n'est pas la fin automatique pour un film... je pense que Baz Lhurman a fait du très bon travail pour ce film et pour en revenir à Nicole, enfin à Satine je dirais qu'à ce moment elle représente la femme parfaite, la déesse, belle, attirante, amoureuse, sincère... En plus son costume la fait ressembler à un ange avec sa belle robe blanche qui scintille, ses bijoux... tout ceci contribue à donner à la scène une dimension très romantique presque chevaleresque... enfin quel meilleur moment pour qu'elle meure que celui-là ? Elle est au plus haut de sa gloire de son amour... Passage très très très émouvant en définitive !!

Name: Joanna
Favourite Scene: 1. In My Life when she has the baby and she gets help from Bob 2. In Moulin Rouge when she and Ewan sing Come What May at the end.
Why?: Because she is a good actress and she is a good role model.

Name: Karla
Favourite Scene: Basically everything in Moulin Rouge, especially the one where she's supposed to meet the duke to save the play and Christian tries to stop her and she says "you promised you wouldn't get will be all right..." and then she sings "come what may...".
Why?: That got my heart crushed. I was so moved. She obviously loved him so much. She was willing to give up her EVERYTHING just so she can save their relationship. And Nicole was brilliant in that simple scene. The reaction on her face, the mellow tone of her voice, the flutter of her eyes...just amazing.

Name: Desiree
Favourite Scene: 1. Virginia Woolf, when she is at the train station telling Leonard she wants to move to London; 2. Ada Monroe, when she tells Ruby Thewes why she just can't do things (embroyder, darn, grow flowers etc...); 3. Satine, when she sings to Christine with her "Come What May" version at the end of the movie.
Why?: 1. Because you just say, WOW! That is Virginia and when I see that scene, I get the chills and cry!; 2. Because she just explains her anger on why she is fed up with being a passive southern belle. Its there that Nicole tells the audience, and especially Ruby, that she is changing; 3. Ahhh! I love this. I cry, just weep. She sings so beautifully, and filled with heart broken passion to her only love!

Name: Rebecca
Favourite Scene: In Muolin Rouge when she just finds out from Zidler that she is dying.
Why?: It just makes me cry sooo much. She honestly knows how to look and act how I suppose any woman would react if they were told they were dying. Shes that good of an actress it made me cry!

Name: Olivia
Favourite Scene: In Dogville when she shoots *** (edited for spoilers!)
Why?: It made me cry the first time, but the second time I watched it, it felt final, like she could finally be at peace.

Name: Keirsten
Favourite Scene: In Moulin Rouge when she sang to Christian "Come What May" at the end of the movie
Why?: It makes me happy yet sad at the same time because she is going to die. But her voice cheers ya up

Name: Lorna
Favourite Scene: 1) The Hours - When Vanessa (Miranda Richardson) and the children are leaving. 2) The Others - When Grace and the children have realised the truth and Grace is telling the children what happened.
Why?: 1) The acting from both Nicole & Miranda is amazing Nic portrays Virginia's desperation so well, it's a fantastically moving scene. 2) Again, very well acted but in a film that isn't immediately particularly moving, Nicole's eyes in that scene show so much emotion you can't help but well up with tears...

Name: Roma
Favourite Scene: (1) Moulin Rouge - when Satine sings "Come What May" to Christian at the middle of "Spectacular, Spectacular"; (2) Moulin Rouge - the whole "Elephant Love Medley" scene from the moment "One Day I'll Fly Away" ends.
Why?: I love this two scenes 'cause they show us how talented Nic is. The first one is so touching, she shows so much... I LOVE the way she whispers the "I love you", soooo cute! I melted in that part. She also shows what an amazing singer she is. I always start crying in this part and won't stop 'til the movie is over. The second one is simply beautiful, she shows so many emotions only with her eyes... I love the way Satine and Christian answer to one another singing... and the kiss... sooo romantic!!! Nic is one of the few actresses that can show so many emotions at once and make you laugh at one second and make you cry the next one. She's just WONDERFUL!!!

Name: Nita
Favourite Scene: Practical Magic in the classroom; Moulin Rouge from after one day I’ll fly away through after elephant medley; batman forever when seducing batman
Why?: in that scene in Moulin Rouge she give life to the song. She do a lot of expression and her eyes are really speaking there. In Practical Magic and Batman Forever cause she can be so sexy without being cheap and still being in control. :P

Name: Hayley
Favourite Scene: On moulin rouge when satine & zidler are talking about the duke & she stares straight into the canera and says "a real actress"
Why?: It makes me smile for hours but the one that makes me sad is before satine dies & she's behid the curtain with christian & her head falls back....:( i have to turn the film off at that point

Name: Margaret
Favourite Scene: [1] The one where Zidler tells her that the infactation must end and she sings "if I should die this very moment I wouldn't fear..." [2] She's telling Christain she's staying with the duke
Why?: [1] her timing is wonderful in it and there is so much intense emotion in that small moment, she turns her hear just at the exaxtly right moment and her singing is so emotional and heartfelt, you are right inside her head, who else can sing that bit like that? [2] She shows so many emotions in it and you feel her bravery and pain, there are sooo many emotions in that bit - who else in the world could do that?!!!

Name: Rose
Favourite Scene: in moulin rouge: when nicole (satine) is telling zidler that she's leaving the moulin rouge.
Why?: in this scene alone, nicole shows true love, perseverence, hatred, loyalty, dread, fortitude, and so much more. it takes a truly great actress to be able to show this much emotion. few people have the talent to do this. nicole kidman is one of them.

Name: Marya
Favourite Scene: In Practical Magic when she's making the syrup and one of Sally children says she can't wait to fall in love, and Gilly responds, "Did you ever stick your arms out and spin and spin and spin? Well, that's what love is like."
Why?: There's just something really cute about that scene, and NIc is soo great in the whole movie!

Name : Jess
Favourite Scene: In The Hours- the scene where Virginia drowns herself, at the end and the beginning, and the train station scene
Why?: They're both incredibly powerful and moving and show Nicole's *amazing* talent to the extreme

Name : Ri
Favourite Scene: in moulin rouge when she is dancing and says 'i love a little poetry after supper'. also in the hours when vanessa says 'not even you could envy that' and virginia says 'but i do' and a tear falls down her cheek
Why?: the moulin rouge one is just so enticing, and the hours one shows nicole's astounding sensitivity and subtlety in acting, it is a beautiful moment

Name : Baxter
Favourite Scene: in Practical Magic when Gillian and Sally and the aunts all start dancing to Lime in the Cocanut with margaritas.
Why?: it is just this really cute little scene that makes me laugh, and it is something that i am sure most girls would like to do with their friends. lol!

Name : Louisa
Favourite Scene: (1) Moulin Rouge - When she starts singing Come What May to Ewan McG on the stage in the middle of Spectacular, Spectacular. (2) Moulin Rouge - Where she goes to tell Harold Zidler that she's leaving the Moulin Rouge (3) The Hours - The scene on the station where she's telling Leonard why she wants to leave London.
Why?: I think that these scenes are amazingly powerful and they leave you feeling so sad. That is the mark of a truly great actress, and Nicole has that talent. One minute she can make you laugh, the next minute she can make you cry. I think she's an inspirational actress.

Name : Billie-Jo
Favourite Scene: In Moulin Rouge at the end before she dies and say's I'll always be with you
Why?: I think it produces alot of emotions and to act that brilliant Nicole Kidman has to be the best actress in the whole entire universe. To act like your dying while you've just gone through a very public divorce Nic must be a very Strong, Brave independent person.

Name : Nancy
Favourite Scene: In THE HOURS when she's at the train station, also the scenes when she's with Vanessa


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