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She's played so many, and such a variety, but most people have a favourite character, one that has resonated with them somehow... so whos yours? Satine? Chase? Ada? Submit your choice through email or fill in the form below including why she's your favourite, and your name.

Name : Troy
Favourite Character: Virginia Woolf, Ada Monroe, Satine, and Nadia/Sophia, Sylvia Broome
Why?: I love Naddia b/c she was so secretive and seductive. I love the accent. LOL Satine made me cry and I thought that was a pretty emotional character. In the hours I think Nicole really showed how a woman can be crazy but intelligent and in pain at the same time. Ada Monroe was like Nicole Kidman's best performance I LOVE COLD MOUNTAIN. I love Sylvia Broome b/c i really think Nicole Kidman is good at acting like an intelegent and strongly independent woman. Gillian Owens was so COOL, Nicole did the best job with Sandra Bullock. Still to this day im wondering how the heck she did the possessed scene LMAO.

Name : Annalyse
Favourite Character: Mrs Coulter and Ada Monroe
Why?: I think nicole is awesome and I really admire her she is such a good actress and the movie the golden compass was so cool. I hope they do the other 2 books.

Name : Jimena
Favourite Character: Sylvia Broome
Why?: Because she is a very independent and intelligent woman, that knows take care of herself.

Name : Paula
Favourite Character: Virginia
Why?: Her acting was tremendous.

Name : Jordan
Favourite Character: Satine
Why?: She is great b/c she just showed how complex she could be in that movie. She sung and show great intensity. This was the first Nicole movie I saw and fell in love with her movies after that.

Name : Michelle
Favourite Character: Isabel Bigelow
Why?: Nicole was great in this movie and she plays a witch so well.

Name : Maria
Favourite Character: Satine
Why?: It's just. . . PERFECT!! Satine is the most beuatiful cortesan in all the world. She is ambitious, but then she's totally devoted to love and Christian! That's Beautiful. She has a big courage and she believes in love: I think that's a beautiful message!

Name : Kelly
Favourite Character: Ada Monroe
Why?: She's my favorite in this movie because she undergoes so much stress. She has her one true love leave for for war, her father gone, and then him too. She learns to deal with everything and grow strong and independant as a person, it is truely a journey of self-discovery and accomplishment. I love it.

Name : Ilse
Favourite Character: Satine
Why?: I think Satine because I rele a lot with that character, strong, a big lover and exotic but most of all i love love

Name : Hannah
Favourite Character: Grace (The Others)
Why?: It was brilliant I couldn't stop watching it! She is a brilliant actress and I admire her a lot.

Name : Silvia
Favourite Character: Julia and Satine
Why?: I love all the Nic's characters, but my favourite is Satine because she is really brave and she believes in her dreams,and she finds a love that will live forever. Satine is great and very beautiful and many other reasons...

Name : Heidi
Favourite Character: Gillian Owens
Why?: Nicole played it amazingly and I could really understand what poor Gilly was going through. A great performance and I love how Gillian was so care free!

Name : Rose
Favourite Character: Gillian Owens and Satine
Why?: I like when she's acting a witch or a courtesan.

Name : Darryl
Favourite Character: Nadia/Sofia
Why?: Because it was kind've a departure for Nicole-the best Russian accent by a non-Russian I have ever heard! and speaking Russian no less. That spoke volumes to me of her talent. But also she was at her mischievous, tempermental, sexy best. She is an amazing actress and a beautiful woman, indeed!

Name : Erica
Favourite Character: Nadia/Sofia
Why?: You could feel a sense of Comfort and hope coming from her even thought she was apart in a crime. And even when she was being one of the bad characters you could feel a pain yet strong vibe coming from her. I really enjoyed her character and the movie. I hope to see it again!

Name : Laia
Favourite Character: Joanna Eberhart
Why?: I love the face that she does when she sees the dance of "the washing machine" of all those women! I enjoyed it! Nicole plays Joanna very good! She's so expressive in this film.

Name : Mikaela
Favourite Character: Virginia Woolf (The Hours)
Why?: One of Nicole's most amazing performance!! Her way of acting the character was incredible, so full of life and beauty, but also deep sadness, striking feelings of a hard life and reality. She made me discover Virginia Woolf's work and her amazing talent!! In that movie she is not only extraordinary beautiful but also touching and upsetting.

Name : Jelaila
Favourite Character: Gillian Owens and Satine
Why?: They both make me believe thats how Nicole really is in real life, beautiful and big.

Name : Olivia
Favourite Character: Satine & Joanna
Why?: Satine, because she's so funny and outgoing on the outside, and sensitive and deep on the inside. She makes you laugh and cry. Joanna, because she's real. She knows what's happening in Stepford, and isn't about to let it stand. She's strong and she fights for what she believes in.

Name : Roma
Favourite Character: Satine
Why?: One word... WOW!!!... I absolutely LOVE "Moulin Rouge", and Satine is the biggest reason... I mean the girl is simply amazing... at first you think she's only a pretty face, but then you discover that she's a person who can love someone with all her heart and soul and will do anything to make her dreams come true. Nic gives an absolutely, totally WONDERFUL performance, she definitely SHOULD have won the Oscar... she does everything here: acts wonderfully, dances and sings beautifully, dies... and looks totally STUNNING!!! She shows what a REAL actress is.

Name : Cracas
Favourite Character: Grace (dogville), Virginia Woolf
Why?: I love all the perfomances of Nicole, but this, i think, are the best one´s. Grace because she suffer so much and we can't cry when we see her on the screnn. she transmitis pain but we can't take part of this pain. she wanted to escape from reality but she found her! Virginia woolf because nicole never show to us a glance so cover of pain and sadness like she charge the world on her back!

Name : Nita
Favourite Character: Dr. Chase Meridian, Gillian Owens, Satine
Why?: I always love when she shows a lot of emotion changing in her movies and when she seduce man, :P, she’s really great on doing it. In Batman she can switch roles, one moment she was a batman seducer then next she was a respected n’ professional shrink or in Moulin Rouge where she laugh and cry and dancing and singing and dead, just so incredible. Last in Practical Magic when she laugh, being ‘naughty’ and especially when she’s possessed by the spirit. And do I need to tell bout how great she seduced Batman and Christian there? :)

Name : Lauren
Favourite Character: Ada Monroe
Why?: I absolutely loved Cold Mountain and most of it was because of the incredible acting. I thought that Nicole was amazing in her portrayel of how people felt during the Civil War. She also can pull off the different feelings with mosly use of facial expressions. I can tell when she is thinking hard or wistful, or when she is upset or anything, just by reading her face.

Name : Hayley
Favourite Character: Satine
Why?: because she is so energetic as satine,she has a brilliant voice & she is drop dead gorgeous i love her to bits & i admit i have the biggest crush on her

Name : Summer
Favourite Character: Satine, Virginia, and Suzanne
Why?: Suzzanne - this was the very first "Nic flick" I watched [but didn't actually realize who she was at the time] and I absolutely LOVED her performance. I want to be an actress, and I remember thinking that her comic timing and mannerisms were wonderful. Satine - I fell in love with Moulin Rouge, and Nicole's characterization is why: its utterly flawless. She put so MUCH heart and soul into Satine. That's why the movie did so well! I feel she deserved the Oscar more than anyone that year! Virginia - the way Nicole slipped into Virginia Woolf's skin was remarkable. Learning to write with her right hand when she's left handed? Copying her handwriting to a tee? That blasted nose? [lol] She totally transformed, and I love it.

Name : Guilherme
Favourite Character: Satine (Moulin Rouge)
Why?: Because this was the first Nicole film that I watched, and of course she is very very beautiful and have a excelent perfomance...

Name : Anon.
Favourite Character: Ada Monroe(Cold Mountain) and Shannon Chrisite( Far and Away)
Why?: These two movies really show the pain and struggle Nicole Kidman had to go through and to be able to play someone who is so sad yet at the time, you're in a good mood; I think they bring out Nicole Kidman's real talent.

Name : Tulipa
Favourite Character: Virginia Woolf
Why?: She was perfect and inspired me to know Woolf's work. A great ad to my life!

Name : campbells0up
Favourite Character: Meghan
Why?: nicole kidman did a good job in vietnam. although she was very young...after she broke down in tears after hearing her brothers voice....she has a true talent

Name : Marya
Favourite Character: Gillian Owens
Why?: I love her free spiritedness, and I love anything having to do with the occult.

Name : Jess
Favourite Character: Meghan Goddard or Gillian Owens
Why?: I love the way Meghan grew up into a free-thinking, intelligent young women, and I love Gilly's carefreeness.

Name : Camilla
Favourite Character: Satine (Moulin Rouge)
Why?: Because she was great and beautiful!

Name : Roma
Favourite Character: Satine and Gillian Owens
Why?: I love Satine's personality in all the ways, how she cares about the others, her bravery to face whatever comes and make her dream come true, ... and I love Gilly's carefreeness spirit.

Name : Holly
Favourite Character: Satine
Why?: I think it's incredible how Nicole managed to make it look as though Satine constanly switch on and off that 'act'. She would only be herself, show her sensitive side around Christian.

Name : Ri
Favourite Character: Satine and Virginia Woolf
Why?: Satine was just so adorable and nicole's portrayal of virginia was incredibly moving amd sensitive

Name : Louisa
Favourite Character: Suzanne Stone Maretto, Tracy Kennsinger, Satine
Why?: Anyone who can act THAT bitter and twisted and then make you laugh and cry in films like Moulin Rouge, have a true talent. She really shines like a star in the night sky

Name : Billie-Jo
Favourite Character: Alice Hartford
Why?: I don't know how anyone can act being stoned like that. Causing an argument then breaking down into a fit of laughter thats pure genius.

Name : Katie
Favourite Character: HARD!... Satine
Why?: 'She sang. She danced. She died.' Her character evolved more than anyother character she portrayed... from her courtesan years, to some one who really truly deeply loves someone.

Name : Rose
Favourite Character: Satine
Why?: Nicole Kidman showed great talent in this movie. she has a beautiful voice, and baz luhrman did a great job casting her and ewan. she totally should have beat halley berry for the award.


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