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Whats your favourite Nicole movie and why?

Shaury's fave movie is ... absolutely Moulin Rouge. Not from Nicole Kidman's movies but, all the movies in general... I like that movie from the begining to the end... the music, the trauma... and of course Nicole's perfomance... I like The Others too... for me, this movie has everything: my favourite director Alejandro Amenábar and my favourite actress Nicole Kidman so....

John G's fave movie is ... Moulin Rouge. Nicole blew me away with her performance. A classic up there with Hello Dolly, Sweet Charity, West Side Story. I do expect Nicole will one day sit with her new daughter and watch it with her. Her children will love it as does the rest of the world. So good to see Nicole happy.

Debbie's fave movie is ... The Interpreter

Harel's fave movie is ... Margot At The Wedding, which should have gotten Nicole a nomination at the Golden Globes and Oscars. What a performance! I have watched the movie many times, and I enjoy it more and more every time. How did this movie get overlooked?

Chrissy's fave movie is ... a tie between 2. Moulin Rouge and The Hours. I adore these two movies and she played an AMAZING part in both.

Paula's fave movie is ... Moulin Rouge because it proves that Nicole can sing, dance and act. She is so very talented.

Cheyenne's fave movie is ... Wow. i love all of her work but since im such a romance movie lover I'd go with Cold Mountian and Moulin Rouge.. she has a beautiful voice and is so bold in Moulin Rouge! Cold Mountain is just a great movie.

Annalyse's fave movie is ... The Golden Compass because it was different and I really liked it. I hope they film the next two books in the series.

Lallina's fave movie is ... Moulin Rouge i love this movie....I see it every day 1 or 2 times... maybe I'm crazy...but I love her...her movies...her intelligent...her charisma...but most of all her personality

Elvis's fave movie is ... Bewitched because I want to say that it was funny and wonderful. That is the true style of Nicole, I love her forever!

Tony's fave movie is ... Moulin Rouge! It's an amazing movie, I hardly ever get emotional about a movie but this one had me all screwed up for days after...and still does whenever I see it. Nicole is beautiful and really pulls off her best performance in this movie. Absolutely amazing!

Rebekah's fave movie is ... Moulin Rouge! It was brilliant, I loved it. Nicole is an amazing actress, and my fave. I love singing along, I even catch myself saying lines along with the movie.

Kelly's fave movie is ... Moulin Rouge or The Interpreter. I love them both too much to choose. The Interpreter is what made me a fan of Nicole, so it always has a special place in my heart, and Moulin Rouge is just plain fantastic lol.

Senna's fave movie is ... The Others because it's so great and amazing! She's such a great actress, so very talented!! I've seen only The Others and Bewitched!! Thats A Pity! This Movie is brilliant! I absolutely love it, besides that fact that she is in like every scene! I love it I really love it !

Maria's fave movie is ... Uauuu! This is a dificult choice. I love all movies I've seen! They're all very beautiful and specials. My favorite is MOULIN ROUGE! It´s the best movie I've ever seen. I love Cold Mountain, Far and Away, the others, The Hours, Bewitched... Well: ALL!!

Bertine's fave movie is ... Moulin Rouge! Because you can watch it sooo many times and it won't be boring! And Nic's voice is amazing and the movie is funny, sad, musical, happy, everything!

Kelly's fave movie is ... The Others!! This movie is brilliant. The whole plot is twisted and there is something wicked about it. I absolutely love it, besides that fact that she is in like every scene!

Silvia's fave movie is ... Moulin Rouge, because is the the most beatuiful love story i've ever seen... I love the songs and Paris..the movie is perfect and Nicole is the best actress!!

Catherine's fave movie is ... Moulin Rouge because it's so awesome and Nicole is in almost every scene!

Anton's fave movie is ... Dogville. When I watched it for the 1st time I was Stunned with her magnificent performance. This very role is extremely gutsy for her! Actually, what I like about Kidman is her ability to be different in every role. I mean, I'm not able to imagine how Grace Mulligun dances in the Moulin Rouge, or Nadia from "Birthday Girl" works as an interpreter at the UN. Nicole deserves the highest praise for this!

Melanie's fave movie is ... Bewitched because it is Nic's first comedy and I thought it was really cute! (all of Nic's movies are my favorite!!!!;-D)

Michelle's fave movie is ... Bewitched. It's a beautiful movie and Nicole was fantastic in it!!

Charley's fave movie is ... Moulin Rouge, it was fantastic!

Hayley's fave movie is ... either Moulin Rouge or Bewitched. Everyone's favorite is Moulin Rouge so I will say Bewitched. Nicole had never really done comedy before but even though she had hardly any experiance with it, she did a great job. She is truly the greatest, most beautiful, and talented actress is Hollywood.

Mikaela's fave movie is ... The Hours because she was so incredible starring Virginia Woolf, her performance so beautiful and upstetting, and i could hardly believe an actress could play as well!

Pearl's fave movie is ... The Interpreter! I love all of her movies but in The Interpreter she was absolutely fantastic.

Billie-Jo's fave movie is ... To Die For but I also like Dead Calm oh and Flirting is really cool. Moulin Rouge is Heavy but so is Days Of Thunder, The Human Stain is Hectic but so is The Others!! You Know what forget it i will never answer that!

Jeliale's fave movie is ... Um........ You know all her film are great and fantastic but of course mine is Moulin Rouge, her voice is worth thousands.

Roma's fave movie is ... Moulin Rouge! It's just the best movie of all times, everything on it is just SPECTACULAR!!! The music, the dancing, the acting, the costumes, the writing... and what's most important... Nic is brilliant in it. Is the only movie I cry everytime I see (which is a big deal, 'cause I almost never cry with movies or anything for that matter). Her other movies? I LOVE them too, but this one is simply the BEST!!!

Megan's fave movie is ... Moulin Rouge! I think Nicole pulls off her best performance. I don't usually cry in movies but I cry everytime I see this one. Her performance was flawless and really established her as a sought after actress. I also love the rest of her movies but Moulin Rouge! is the best in my opinion.

Rose's fave movie is ... moulin rouge!! Nicole Kidman portrays satine wonderfully. i dont know how halley barry beat nicole kidman at the best actress award

Jess's fave movie is ... The Hours because its incredibly powerful and moving with a perfect script and strong performances. Its just a very well made film that engages the viewer and is filled with passion and reality.

Roma's fave movie is ... Moulin Rouge! It's absolutely wonderful, I love all the songs, all the choreographies, all the... well I love everything about it. Nic gives such a wonderful performance, when I saw that movie was when I started being a really big fan of her, and I started to watch all of her movies, and know everything about her. My others are Practical Magic and The Others, I loveeeee Practical Magic, it's such a beautiful Movie, and I love The Others too, it's really, really good, and Nic's performance on it is great!!!!! # of times seen : over 30

Nicole's fave movie is ... (It's pretty tough choosing 1 favorite Nicole Kidman movie...but I guess I like) Moulin Rouge the best. After I watched that movie, I was completely in love with Nicole! I felt like I had to see all her movies! Next would probably be Practical Magic.. I guess... *You call slowly poisoning him to death self-defense? Come on Sal, no one would believe us...*

Alicia's fave Movie is...Practical Magic cause I"m SOOOOO Much like Gillian Owens I"m even told that I have THE WORST taste in Men :)

Anna-Greta's fave Movie is ... Moulin Rouge because It makes me wanna act, sing ja dance!! It's just spectacular spectacular!

Liz's fave Movie is... between Moulin Rouge and Practical Magic because Cos Nics brill in all her films and those two are the only 2 i've seen!

Marya's fave movie is ... Moulin Rouge, because it is the most amazing movie I've ever seen! Second would be Practical Magic because she's so saucy in it!

Kayle's fave movie is ... Practical Magic because I can relate to her and I'm going to name my first daughter Gillian Nicole but i'm lucky i guess cause my middle name is Nicole. My other is Moulin Rouge it was awesome, most incredible

Kimberley's fave movie is ... Moulin Rouge because she sings very beautiful!

"CATROSENC"'s fave movie is ... hard to pick just one but I'd say my top fav is MOULIN ROUGE. Why? Well, she sings in it, and she's just so wonderful in that role.

Lara's fave movie is ... Practical Magic OR Moulin Rouge! They are my faves, i can't choose between them!! She is so talented! don't you agree? of course you do!

Maria's fave movie of all time is...Moulin Rouge. It's absolutley timeless, and perfect. I LLLLOOOVVVEEE IT! She's such a great actress, so very talented. # of times seen : over 30


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