INTERACT Fan Experiences

Have you been lucky enough to meet Nicole? Maybe you've spotted her in the street or chatted to her at a premiere... If you have, and you want to share your exciting experience with everyone, then email me and tell me what happened! You can also send in your photographs (pictures taken by you of Nic, of you with Nic, or autographs she signed for you) to be displayed in the Fan Pictures category in our gallery.

Graham met Nicole at the Fox Studios in Sydney
I have been very very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet Nicole personally and instantly I feel in love with her and it was when I was working at Fox Studios here in Sydney and Nicole was working on Moulin Rouge which was fantastic. I got to go on the set and have a look at the picture being filmed and I got to meet Nicole there and then and WOW it will be a memory that I will treasure for ever. I am proud to be an Aussie and Australia is proud to call Nicole our very own, she is very very beautiful, kind, warm, talented, and very very friendly and I want to wish Nicole all the very best for the future.

Katherine G.
I met Nicole Kidman (briefly she said hi) at Keith Urban's Concert in Melbourne Australia.

Vanessa saw Nicole at the NY Bewitched Premiere
I saw Nicole yesterday (13th June) at the Bewitched premiere... She wasn't as bright as usual, as everyone knows she didn't have such a great day yesterday, but before the whole photographer thing happened when she just started walking on the Red Carpet I called her name and I don't know if she heard me, or if she just happened to look my way right when I called her, but she saw me and gave me a smile! I was so excited to see her, I didn't care whether or not she would see me, but she did!!! I was standing on the barricades behind the photographers, so I didn't think she would. I took a magazine with me to the premiere, but there was only space for photographers in the front.. it's too bad :( but atleast I saw her!!
Thanks Vanessa!

Ted met Nicole in Las Vegas back in 1991/92
Back in 1991 or 92 myself and a few buddies went to Las Vegas to see a World Heavyweight Championship fight at Caesar's Palace. We had a blast! Of course at the fight there are the usual celebs......and when you are there live, they announce them as they come in to take their seats. Well of course Tom & Nicole were there that night to watch the fight. With all the celebs at ring side and using a private entrance, there is little chance to see them, but from your seats. Anyway the fight was great and afterwards we mingled with people we met, first having a few drinks outside in a patio and then later going inside to the Casino. There we met these two guys from Australia. They were life long mates and had been on a 6 month hiatus traveling around the globe together. Me and & a bud had a few beers with them, laughing telling jokes and telling stories of our countries. Just then we noticed a buzz in the distance. As the crowd got closer I could see that it was Tom & Nicole walking through the Casino. They passed right by us only a few feet away. I quickly turned, knowing Nicole is from Australia, said to one of the chaps we had just met "Say something to her in Australian slang", not really knowing if there was such a thing. But he said something to her in that Australian outback slang. She quickly stopped in her tracks and looked right at us. For a moment I thought, "Oh no what did he say, I didn't want him to swear at her, maybe he mis-construed what I meant by "slang"..Thinking that we would be led out by security! But for only a moment because in a split second Nicole's face lit up like a Christmas tree with that beautiful smile she has and gave her famous "cackle laugh".....In an instant I felt relieved. She waved and said something back to the chap in the same Australian slang & left laughing, telling Tom in his ear what was said, I presume. When I asked the guy, "What did you say to her, and what did she say back.".....All he would say is, "Ahhh that is only for us Aussie's to know mate, by you another beer mate!"....."Sure why not." I said.......and we resumed to have a few more with our Aussie friends.
Thanks Ted!

Saffron saw Nicole in D.C filming The Visiting
Volunteering for the Red Cross I was sent to D.C. Working at night I would go sightseeing in the day. I was completly sleep deprived. On Oct. 24th I came up the elevator from the metro, I saw all these cameras around, and people everywhere. I grabbed someone to ask and they said that a movie was being filmed, with Nicole and Daniel Craig. I was so thrilled. It was very hard to not jump up and down. I mumbled something totally lame to the crew person about how I loved Nicole and this was the greatest opportunity ever, and how pathetically thrilled I was. After I got that out I got to watch them film a really boring scene from the Visiting where they walked into a building. But it was still thrilling, I cant believe my luck. I was standing directly behind the director so that I saw the way the shot wuold look on film. The picture in the gallery that I commented on is almost how close I was. It just makes it look a little closer than I was, and I was able to see not just her back. Other than that I wasnt incredibly close. But I had a good view. I'm so glad this site has pics from that day or I would have thought I made it up.
Thanks Saffron!