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Not happy with Nic's movie choices? Think you could do better at making a movie? Maybe you've read a book you think would make a great movie starring Nic. Well now's your chance! Think up an idea (or two - you can send in as many ideas as you like!) for a movie and send it in! All ideas will be posted here... and who knows who might see it? You may end up becoming the next Harvey Weinstein ;)

Send in the following information through email.

Movie idea/story line (basic, please!):
Nic's co-stars?:

The Movie Makers...

Name : Danielle
Movie idea/story line : About 5 years ago I read the 'Guinevere'trilogy by Rosalind miles. As I read through Nicole was undeniably entrenched in my mind as guinevere. I know the movie has been done before but the story has never been told quite like this and I believe it could be the role of Nicoles life. This story is an historical epic which focuses on the strength of Guinevere and her love affair with Lancelot
Nic's co-stars?: Lancelot..I could never quite pick who would play Lancelot..a suitable actor just couldn't come to mind..then amazingly nicole found him herself....Keith Urban is the Lancelot of Rosalind Miles 'guinevere' ..can he act? If not somebody very similiar to him. Arthur- Kurt Russel, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson? Mordag- Winona Ryder. Merlin- Sir Ian Mckellen, Peter O' Toole
Director? : Mel Gibson, good ol Baz
Genre? : drama, romance, fantasy?
Why? : Nicole has the classic beauty and attitude of this character...its like the book was written with her in mind..nobody else could do it justice....

Name : Stephanie
Movie idea/story line : I've read a great book a while ago and it was called "The House Next Door". It's about a young girl named Emma Donovan being dared to spend the night in a creepy old abandoned house by her brother Charlie. When Emma goes to the house to spend the night and to prove to her brother that she can overcome her fears of the house, she ends up reliving a horrific night from the house's past and a passionate love with a handsome-and strangely familiar-young man. Her brother Charlie thinks that is all dreams she's having. Yet Emma keeps experiencing paranormal experiences involving the house and the young man from the past. When the dreams intensify, Emma becomes convinced that they are real, and that she must play a part in the reenactment of a tragic love.
Nic's co-stars?: Val (Emma's best friend)-Renee Zellwegger, Charlie(Emma's twin brother)-Owen Wilson, Daniel(handsome strange young man)-Keith Urban or Matthew McConaughey, Short Miss Loberg(cousin to worker in the house)- Shirley MacLaine, Tall Miss Loberg(sister to Short Miss Loberg)-Meryl Streep, The Father(father to other Emma)- Robert de Niro
Director? : Steven Spielberg
Genre? : Romance/Drama/Suspense
Why? : Nicole as the innocence about her that the character of Emma Donovan has. After seeing her play in the "Others", I thought she was amazing. In this story, Nicole would have to pull a double role, as Emma Donovan and Emma Farmington(girl who used to live in the house in the past). Nicole would be perfect for this role, because of her look of innocence and the way she is able to get into the character so well. This being a romantic- drama- suspence movie, I think that she can play the role very well. She is an amazing actress.

Name : Ellie
Movie idea/story line : This would be adapting my book which I am in the process of writing. A girl called Olivia becomes bulimic and has to go to a counselling place in Texas called the Hondas Residence where she meets a guy called James who was racially abused and attacked someone. The place is run by Susan Hondas (Nicole) and Nigel Hondas. Olivia and James fall in love which is against the rules of the place and so when they get caught by Susan there is this big uproar where they both get sent home where they get endless stick from their parents, and it turns out that Susan new about the couple being in love but didn't say anything. Therefore Susan and Nigel loose there job as counsellors and so they decide to help the couple be able to see each other again before they are 18 as the court said that due to there lack of respect for the rules of the Hondas residence they were not allowed to see each other before they become adults. At the start Susan comes across as a very strict and no nonsense lady and when she catches Olivia and James she has to pretend she's really mad and separates them and becomes not very nice but then it turns out she really does have a heart when she has nothing left to loose.
Nic's co-stars?: Me as Olivia, Sean Patrick Thomas as James, Russell Crowe as Nigel and as the parents of Olivia- Sandra Bullock or Renee Zellwegger as Olivia's Mom and as Olivia's Dad Stephen Dillane. As the Parents of James- Obba Babatunde as his Dad and Halle Berry as his Mom.
Director? : Sydney Pollack or Steven Spielberg
Genre? : Drama/Romance
Why? : Because I think it would be really deep role for Nicole and would show that she can play Insane characters (Virginia Woolf) Obsessive characters (Grace or Suzanne Stone) Russian Characters (Nadia aka Sophia) Messed up characters (Faunia Farely) Prostitutes (Satine duh) Sad characters (Anna) Slutty characters (Gillian) and characters she maybe doesn't like but can find something in Susan!

Name : Annie
Movie idea/story line : Based on a true story of a beautiful Australian woman coming to the USA in 1991 from a million acre cattle station in the outback in search of the Great American Dream and marrying a man she had no right marrying resulting in a horrendous aggravated assault. Determined and destitute, broken and battered, she travailed and would not return home, but would fight the fight of faith until her purpose was achieved in this land of opportunity. Her path crossed with a crusty old Texas oil and cattle tycoon, which led to the meeting of the son of one of Hollywoods greatest motion picture stars, resulting in a nationally acclaimed book. The book was "stolen" by the tycoon and won back through a law suit - the trials, the tribulations, the loneliness and desperate isolation from the land Down Under, but holding on to the dream and never, never, giving up. I could see a movie opening with Nicole galloping over the plains of the outback!
Nic's co-stars?: David Keith or Brad Johnson as the son of the Hollywood star, Robert Duvall or Tommy Lee Jones or Wilfred Brimley as the crusty old oil tycoon...with a cameo appearance with Maureen O'Hara as she was 'in' the real life drama.
Director? : Sydney Pollack or Mel Gibson
Genre? : Adventure/ Drama.
Why? : An inspiring opportunity to brilliantly showcase the Aussie outback and American West, allowing footage to be brought in from some of the great silver screen westerns.

Name : Airen
Movie idea/story line : Nicole would play the main character "Jane" she has one teenage daughter "Ashlyn" (Alexa Vega), and another daughter "Erin" (Alakina Mann). Jane is a single mom trying to get by her hard life, trying to be close with her two daughters. She had got divorced from her husband "Jake" (David Arquette) and wanted to get away from him. She took her two daughters and moved to Cleveland, Ohio. When she arrived in Cleveland it was hard for her to get back on her feet, just when everything started to be ok, and once she made friends with the neighbors (Fran Drescher and Brad Pitt) the neigbors came up missing. People in the town started to come up missing also, and so does Jane's daughter Erin. she notices everybody was murdered, (except for erin) and finds out her ex-husband was doing this! (much more would be in the movie, like ghosts and spirits) this is just the main idea.)
Nic's co-stars?: Alexa Vega, Alakina Mann, David Arquette, Fran Drescher, Brad Pitt, and Matthew Perry (as a police man.)
Director? : Anthony Minghella and Stephen Spielberg
Genre? : Thriller/Horror
Why? : I think Nicole does so great in thriller movies, and i think she would be awesome in a movie like this!

Name : Laia
Movie idea/story line : Nicole's Dakota, she've got one daughter, and one son. She hasn't got a husband. One day she decided to do an intensive course to find the perfect husband. Here, she met Tom, a man who is interested especially in her daughter, Mary. He goes to her house every day to met her daughter. Dakota does not trust in Tom so she search in internet about he. He's a rapist. Dakota wants to explain it when her daughter returns from her stroll but Mary doesn't return so Dakota goes to Tom's house. But, when Tom sees she, Dakota is forced to take the revolver to save her daughter.
Nic's co-stars?: Richard Roxburgh
Director? : Harold Becker
Genre? : Drama/Thriller

Name : Adam
Movie idea/story line : Name- The Intruders- Nic plays a single mother of 1 and just moves into a new house, which is haunted. Wierd things start to happen to her and her son, it comes out that her neighbour and her ex husband are toying with her and her son, Nic's character and her son end up catching them but what about the ghosts, her character and her son are now to figure out the mystery of the ghosts!! 3 people died in the house witch are the ghosts, a mom and dad and daughter.
Nic's co-stars?: Neighbour- Michelle Pfeiffer or Ashley Judd, Ex husband-Johnny Depp/Thomas Jane, Dead Mother- Saffron Burrows, Dead Dad-Cary Elwes, Dead daughter-Dakota Fanning/Annasophia Robb
Director? : Steven Spielberg/Alejandro Amenabar(The others)/ Gary Fleder(Kiss the girls)/Bruce Beresford (Double Jepordy)
Genre? : Thriller/ Horror
Why? : I find nicole does very well in thrillers, so i hope she does more and i think she would be perfect in this!!

Name : Kat
Movie idea/story line : Pirates Of The Carribean 4 - Hell Hath No Fury - Basically Jack Sparrow is caught and locked away for an item he stole year's ago and gave to his then wife Raven. She is less than inclined to help him out.
Nic's co-stars?: Johnny, Orlando & Keira
Director? : Sam Raimi
Genre? : Adventure comedy
Anything else? : It's less about a story than it is about an opportunity for Nic to do what Depp did and create a kick arse character complete with Flaming Red or Jet Black hair, interesting tattoos super old world Carribean slut out fits.

Name : Idril
Movie idea/story line : And what about that proyect called "Court and spark"? I think it would be great: A vehicle that will crown Nicole Kidman as Eleanor of Aquitaine, who in the 12th century became queen of both France and England, proving more than a match for both kings. The daughter of William, Duke of Aquitaine, Eleanor was wildly rich and flamboyant and was in line to inherit most of southern France. But her desire to rule was thwarted by her gender. She became queen of France through a marriage to King Louis VII. Entirely bored and frustrated, Eleanor had an affair with Henry Plantagenęt, the Duke of Normandy who would become king of England. Eleanor got the Pope to annul her marriage, and she soon became queen of England.
Nic's co-stars?: Christian Bale as Henry Plantagenęt, Vincent Cassel as Louis VII, Sean Bean as Raymond of Antioch (her flamboyant uncle and rumored to be her lover), Natalie Portman as her sister Petronilla, Ian McKellen as Abbot Suger, Michael Caine as Pope Eugene III, Peter O´Toole as Bernard of Clairvaux, Joaquim Phoenix as Thomas Beckett, etc., etc.
Director? : Christopher Nolan. He´s a very talented director, with great and intelligent films.
Genre? : Epic/Drama
Why? : Because Nicole is my favourite actress and Eleanor of Aquitaine is my favourite historic female, because she was one one of the most powerful and fascinating personalities of feudal Europe. I think also that Nic would make a very great on-screen team with all those talented actors, specially with Bale and Bean.

Name : Mikaela
Movie idea/story line : End of the nineteenth century, California America; Nicole would star the deceased mother of a young girl, Rose, who lives alone with her father (following her mother's death) and is kidnapped at the age of seven by a gang of procurers and brought to Mexico for prostitution. She (miraculously) escapes and is adoptive by a mexicain family until she is fifteen and decides to leave in search of her father. The caracter of Alice (which Nicole would star) represents a part of Rose's unconscious self, a memory she has and sometimes speaks to. And then all through her quest, there would also be various flash-backs in which she recalls her mother and childhood.
Nic's co-stars? : Myself as Rose; Johnny Depp as Andrew (father and husband); Miranda Richardson as Mathild (Rose's grandmother); Kate Winslet as Sandra (best friend); Ian Holms as Doctor Rainey (family doctor and old friend); and Romain Duris as Enrique (Rose's adoptive brother), Note: this last actor is french. And I am still missing someone to act her lover (if you have any ideas...)
Director? : Myself
Genre? : Drama, life-history, quest
Why? : This would be the adaptation of a series of book I am working on.

Name : Maureen
Movie idea/story line : Well, Nicole would have a supporting role as the mother of a 17 year old girl back in 19th England. Ever since her husband suddenly died she's been basically a slut, so her parents and the town have cast her out to live far out in the woods. She doesn't want her daughter to be like her so she makes her take piano lessons to become a proper young lady. Her daughter falls for her piano tutor which ends tragically.
Nic's co-stars? : Me (Maureen), Orlando Bloom, Jim Broadbent, Maggie Smith
Director? : Cameron Crowe
Genre? : Drama
Why? : The music and story fit hand in hand. It's a beautiful love story and shows mother-daughter relationships

Name : Diana
Movie idea/story line : Well this movie is probaly already casted but I would have loved seeing Nicole play Norma Shearer's part in The Women. I think she would have been fantastic in that role.
Nic's co-stars? : I can't think of who would play Joan Crawford part
Director? : Penny Marshall
Genre? : Romantic Comedy
Why? : Penny being the great director she is as well as the great actress nicole is this would be a dynamite movie. I'm a great fan of Norma Shearer and Nicole is the only actress with the caliber of Norma. And I love this movie about men with a cast of all women.

Name : Rebecca
Movie idea/story line : A widow (Nicole) with a very intelligent daughter has an affair with the student that the daughter is tutoring. He's about 15 or so, and the daughter has a crush on him. Intense drama, jealousy, and murder ensues.
Nic's co-stars? : Jake Gyllenhaal as the 15 year old that Nicole has an affair with, someone like Alison Lohman as the daughter.
Director? : Someone sensitive, but I have no idea
Genre? : Drama/Romance/Tragedy
Why? :

Name : Kaily
Movie idea/story line : Single singer meets a woman who dreamt of becoming a singer and he inspires her to become one
Nic's co-stars? : Nic will once again star with Ewan McGregor
Director? : I think it could be directed by Baz Luhrmann again or somebody big
Genre? : Romance/Musical/Drama
Why? : I thought that Ewan and Nicole had great chemistry and i'd like to hear them sing again and act together again.

Name : Jess
Movie idea/story line : Something that was dramatic but had an element of humour in it. Storyline? no idea!
Nic's co-stars? : Jack Nicholson
Director? : Someone funny like Alexander Payne, or someone cool like Steven Soderbergh
Genre? : Drama/comedy
Why? : I think Nic & Jack would make a great on-screen team in something half dramatic, half comedic