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What are they thinking?!

Send in a caption for this picture! Make it funny, serious, clever, witty, or just plain weird! And it doesn't have to be what Nicole is thinking/saying- it can be a by-standers thoughts on Nic!

Your thoughts ...
Lycee - Man: "Nicole, I am proud to present to you, your star!" Nicole: (Disappointed) " .. thanks" (to herself) "its so small..."
Elina - Man: "Here it is, your star!" Nicole: "Do I spell Nicole with a c?"
Tulipa - Nicole: "It's shining!"
Kayla - Man: "Congratulations Miss Kidman." Nicole: " uh...spelled my name wrong"
Joy - Nicole: "Man, I need something cute and clever to say to the press.. maybe something about getting stepped on..."
Darryl - "It is lovely. But I don't actually have to press my hand into the wet cement, do I?"
Emily - "Shouldn't it be bigger? I did win an Oscar..."
Emily - "I wonder if Tom's star is as big as mine..."
Kelly - " that dirt!?"
Maria - "Uauuuu!" [thinks]: "Shouldn't it be bigger! Come on! I won an oscar! I have lots of fans! I'm a successeful women!"
Ashley - Nicole: "Oh crap!!! My new suit ... Keith is gonna love me after he spent 1 million dollars on this!!" Man : (thinking) "Keith is gonna kill her!! ... Congrats Nicole !"
Dana - "Wow, that's amazing!"
Dominyka - MAN: "Miss Kidman, here is your golden star." NICOLE: "wow! It's beautiful but is it real GOLD!!"
Rebekah - Man: "Ladies and gentleman I think she is speechless." Nicole:(to herself) "That's it, all i've done and all I get is a stupid star!"
Becky L - "Can you make that any bigger? And can my name be in pink?"
Kati - "Hmm...maybe I should kiss the star...then there would be a red mouth on it...that would be special"
Michelle - Man: "Here's your star Nicole!" Nicole: "Can you make it a little bigger? But let me keep the color GOLD!"
Laia - "There's a chewing gum here, it's dirty!"
Daphne - (thinking) "Wow, take this in! Remember this moment."
Amanda - Man: "Here it is Miss Kidman you star on the walk of fame." Nicole: "Oh really, I thought it'd be better"
Nina - Man: "Here it is, Miss Kidman- after years of extraordinary work, fantastic acting, and an soaring career, you finally get your own golden Hollywood star." Nicole: "Hey, a penny!"


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Mc Quinn - "Nicole do you watch me on Desperate Housewives?" "No, actually, but this guy does! He's in touch with his feminine side - just look at his hair!"
Katie - Nicole: "Oh my god! No way!" / Keith: "Oh God.. Nic is acting like a blonde again..."
Mel - Nicole-"Hey Keith look its your favorite Desperate House wife!" / Teri- (confused) "really??" / Keith - "what... umm.... ummm..... ummm.....I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT! I DONT WATCH DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES EVERY SUNDAY WITH A BOWL OF POP CORN AND A BOX OF TISSUES! wait.... DANG IT!"
Jazz - "What? Keith? No he would never give out any information about the wedding to the paparazzi, silly girl!"

Marya - "Ummm....keep it in your pants, Puff man."
Hayley - "'re talking to me why?!"
Claude - "Excuse me, your eyes are about to fall out!"
Kristen - "I'm waiting for a guy, who isn't you!!"
Neringa - Puff Daddy: "Nic, I have a problem...Do u know where the toilet is?"
'Sskitsobme' "Well hello there, umm may i ask why your looking at me like that?" (nic thinking): please dont jump me for the diamonds!