INTERACT Adoptions

Adopt your favourite Nicole - the real Nicole from one of her red carpet appearances, a tv appearance, or one of her characters! Email Me your Name, E-mail, URL and Name of the Nic you want to adopt, and I'll send you an adoption graphic. Then you can display your adopted Kidman on your site/blog/board etc!

Some ideas of Nicole's you may want to adopt...
Rae Ingram
Golden Globe 2003 winning Nicole
Nicole and her parents

You can now ONLY adopt the following - characters, events attended, tv shows appeared on, relationships, basic features (eyes, nose etc.), songs she has sung and photoshoots. Everything else would just be too complicated! You can adopt ONE Nicole per category (below).


Virginia Woolf Nicole by Jess
Ada by Cathy
Satine by Jess
Shannon Christie by Sarah
Nadia Birthday Girl by Jess
Alice Hartford by Jess
Grace The Others by Andrea
Suzanne Stone Maretto by Marlena
Dr Chase Meridian by Nita
Grace Dogville by Lucy
Joanna by Jenny
Gillian Owens by Katie
Dr Julia Kelly by Nita
Faunia by Karla
Silvia Broome by Asha
Isabel Bigelow/Samantha Stephens by Janelle
Isabel Archer by Ruth
Anna (Birth) by Pearl
Diane Arbus by Jade
Stepford-ised Joanna by Elliot
Marisa Coulter by Kelly
Carol Bennell by Melanie
Rae by Josie
Amy (Nightmaster) by Becky
Margot by Nellie
Lady Sarah Ashley by Lea

Ada and Inman by Jess
Nicole & Tom Cruise by Iris
Satine and Christian by Lex
Shannon and Joseph by Josie
Nicole & her kids by Taylor
Nicole & Antonia by Pearl
Nicole & Keith by Kelly
Silvia & Tobin by Kelly
Carol & Ben by Kelly
Chase & Bruce by Jen
Marisa Coulter & Lord Asriel by Monika
Gillian & Sally Owens by Kati

Cannes 2001 Nicole by Marya
Oscars 2003 Nicole by Marya
Nicole at the Golden Globes 1996 by Sarah
Nicole at The Oscars 2004 by Andrea
Nicole at the Toronto Film Festival Premiere of The Human Stain by Lily
Nicole at the Oscars 2002 by FayeValentine
Nicole at the Photocall for Eyes Wide Shut in Paris, 1999 by Joyce
Nicole at the New York Film Festival 2003 by Carolle
Nicole at the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2003 by Taylor
Nicole at the Golden Globe 2003 by Meagan
Nicole at the MTV Movie Awards 2002 by Hayley
Nicole at the Lakers game December 2004 by Karla
Nicole at the Japanese premiere of Moulin Rouge by Karla
Nicole at the NY premiere of Bewitched by Olivia
Nicole at the MTV Movie Awards 2005 by Coleen
Nicole at the Birth Photocall at the Venice Film Festival 2004 by John
Nicole at the Golden Globes 2002 by John
Nicole at the Cannes 2003 Dogville Premiere by Coleen
Nicole at the London Premiere of Moulin Rouge by Lauren
Nicole at the LA Premiere of Cold Mountain by Candice
Nicole at GLAAD Media Awards 2003 by Courtney
Nicole at the Stepford Wives Press Conference by Elina
Nicole at the Golden Globes 2005 by Lottie
Nicole at the Oscars 2007 by Kelly
Nicole at the Oscars 2008 by Simran
Nicole at the CMAs 2007 by Melanie

TV Shows
Nicole playing Grace on SNL (1993) by Jessica
"I Can Wear Heels Now" Letterman 2001 Nicole by Jessika
Nicole on Ellen January 2005 by Hayley
Nicole on Jay Leno January 2005 by Scruffy
Nicole on Oprah June 2005 by Scruffy
Nicole eating ice cream on Jay Leno in 2001 by Elina

Nicole/Satine singing by Margaret
Nicole singing Come What May by Chrissy
Nicole singing One Day I'll Fly Away by Chelsie
Nicole singing Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend by Alyssa
Nicole singing Elephant Love Medley Nina
Nicole singing Kiss in Happy Feet Andrea

Session #028 by Katie

Interview Magazine, February 2002 by Katie
Vanity Fair, October 2007 by Kristen
Marie Claire, December 2007 by Kristen

Nicole's hair by Margaret
Nicole's infectious laugh by Lucy
Nicole's smile by Andreia
Nicole's eyes by Ruth
Nicole's legs by Nick
Nicole's nose by Hayley
Nicole's glasses by Heather
Nicole's voice by Joy

Single/Post Divorce Nicole by Jess
Aussie Nicole by Lauren
Chanel No.5 Nicole by Rebecca
Nicole in The Blue Room by Janelle
Nicole in the Something Stupid video by Josie
Silvia Broome's wardrobe by tulipa
Pregnant Nicole by Andrea


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