INTERACT A-Z of Nicole Kidman

A - amazing, actress, alluring, ambitious, adrenaline-junkie, australian, ambassador, angel, aunt, awesome, attractive, adorable, admirable, admired, affectionate, adventurous, articulate, appealing, acute, accent-master, adept
B - beautiful, busy, bold, bewitching, blonde, bright, brilliant, brave, best, beauteous, breaktaking, blue-eyed
C - clever, caring, classic, celebrity, cover-girl, captivating, chic, controversial, charitable, creative, charismatic, charming, confident, courageous, compassionate
D - daring, delicate, devoted, dignified, dazzling, daughter, diamond, diva, delightful, deep, determined
E - elegant, exceptional, expressive, electric, emotive, enchanting, enduring, ethereal, extraordinary, electrifying
F - funny, feminine, fashionable, fantastic, friendly, foxy, famous, fabulous, fun
G - goddess, gorgeous, generous, gracious, genuine, golden-haired, golden-globe-winner, gifted, great, giggly, graceful, gallant, glamorous, glowing
H - happy, honest, hilarious, heavenly, heartwarming, humble
I - interesting, intelligent, idol, icon, incredible, inspiration, influential, illustrious, imaginative
J - joyous, jovial, joyful
K - kind, keen, knowledgeable
L - loveable, loved, lovely, lucky, legend, lively, luminescent, loyal, lefty
M - mother, modest, movie-star, magnificent, magnetic, magical, married, memorable, marvellous, momentous, masterpiece, mysterious, maternal
N - nurturing, natural, note-worthy, nice
O - open-minded, optimistic, oscar-winner, open, one-of-a-kind, outstanding, outgoing, opulent
P - producer, private, pretty, porcelain-skinned, perfect, phenomenal, pleasing, photogenic, playful, perceptive, powerful, passionate, pianist
Q - quiet, quirky, queen, quaint, quick-witted
R - red-headed, radiant, risk-taker, riveting, ravishing, refined, ravishing, real, raw, relatable, responsible, realistic,
S - successful, singer, stylish, shy, sophisticated, strong, star, sensational, spectacular (spectacular!), sister, sparkling, sweet, stunning, sexy, special, super, smart, stupendous, slender, savvy
T - talented, tough, thoughtful, terrific, trim, tremendous, tall, thought-provoking, thespian
U - unselfish, undefeated, unique, unforgettable, unbelieveable, uplifting
V - versatile, vibrant, vulnerable, vivacious, victorious
W - wise, wonderful, witty, wife, warm, wilful
X - x-citing, x-ceptional, x-traordinary
Y - young, youthful, yearned for
Z - zoom! *busy busy girl*, zealous

Thanks to everyone for their additions


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