INTERACT 101 Reasons Why We Love Nicole

Here are 101 reasons why we all love Nicole Kidman! Have your own reason? Submit it through email or fill in the form below.

01. She CAN act
02. She chooses good roles
03. She puts her all into her movies
04. She sings too
05. Her voice is powerful yet sweet
06. Her red hair
07. She's not ashamed of being a red head
08. She's normal, her huge success hasn't changed her
09. She's real
10. She's got a big heart
11. Crusader against child abuse.
12. Adopted Isabella
13. Adopted Conor
14. Doesn't date loads of famous people
15. She married Tom Cruise
16. Tom Cruise wanted HER to star in Days of Thunder with him
17. Is anything but dumb
18. Honest
19. Kind
20. Stuck to her dreams
21. Worked hard to get where she is today
22. Knows her fans are important
23. She doesn't disappoint her fans
24. "Children should be allowed to grow up without fear of cruelty."
25. Always takes time to please her fans, either by talking to them or letting the media take her picture
26. She's stunning
27. Everything she wears
28. Enviable body
29. Gorgeous hair
30. Her style
31. She has the sweetest smile!
32. She's a lovely person
33. Those eyes!
34. She's got self-confidence...
35. ... yet she has those vulnerable moments
36. What you see is what you get with Nic
37. She's the perfect role model for anyone
38. She's got passion for what she does
39. Her passion and love for what she does is shown in her movies
40. She loves what she does
41. She has great taste in clothes
42. You see her as the character in movies, not as Nicole Kidman
43. She brings her roles to life
44. She makes bad movies watchable
45. She has this amazing star quality about her
46. She can dance
47. She pleases people without trying
48. She's a serious actress
49. Everyone loves her
50. Critics rave about her performances
51. She doesn't let the positive comments go to her head
52. She doesn't let the negative comments bring her down
53. Not afraid of who she is
54. Not afraid of working hard
55. She is able to steal the show from other, more popular actresses
56. She grabs your attention without even speaking
57. She's sexy not sleazy
58. She doesn't stand for any crap
59. She speaks her mind
60. Totally loveable!
61. She doesn't let the pressures of being one of the most sought-after actresses get to her
62. She's one of the best actresses of our time
63. She's one of the most popular actresses of our time
64. She has the beauty and talent like Marilyn Monroe
65. She's cute
66. She's funny
67. Her family are the most important thing to her
68. The way she rehearsed and rehearsed as a teenager instead of going out
69. Determined
70. She remembers her roots even now she's a huge Hollywood star
71. She is now producing as well as acting in movies
72. She often works on three new movies in different parts of the world
73. She found love
74. Her divorce with Tom
75. Her husband of 10 years surprised her by filing for divorce in 2001...
76. But she was so strong through it all
77. She carried on working and let the media take her picture
78. She wears glasses
79. Her performance in Moulin Rouge
80. She refuses to go into details about her divorce
81. Despite the divorce she still believes in love
82. During the year 2001 she proved she's Nicole Kidman, not 'Tom Cruise's Wife'
83. She can wear heels now
84. Her dresses
85. Basically EVERYTHING in 2001!
86. Her voice is how you hear it, no computers or anything are used
87. She was brave enough to sing in Moulin Rouge
88. She's done a wide variety of movies - musicals, thriller, comedy, drama...
89. She chooses interesting films that appeal to her, not just ones that she knows will get huge success
90. She brings that special something to her movies
91. SHE, as an individual, can make movies sell
92. She's able to talk about the divorce, she doesn't just refuse to discuss it
93. She took her sister to the Oscars 2002
94. Her 2 Oscar Nominations in a row
95. She's intelligent
96. She doesn't see herself as 'a sexy chic'
97. She's not just a one hit wonder, she's going to be around for a long time!
98. She doesn't put up a front for the media
99. Her career is just taking off and she's 35
100. She stopped working and took a massage course to give physical therapy to her mother who was suffering from cancer
101. She is living proof that dreams can come true
102. The way she turned away from the crowd to cry at the Oscars 2003
103. The way she ALWAYS seem genuine
104. She really gets into her roles
105. She does movies SHE wants to do, not what others say would be good for her career
106. She keeps her private life private, and is not afraid of telling reporters to "shove it" when asked a personal question!
107. She's not afraid to travel the world, even to the really cold areas, to work on her films
108. She's proved that you can be sexy and intelligent
109. She's a serious and dedicated supporter of UNIFEM and is now their goodwill ambassador.
110. She's always keen to do her bit to promote breast cancer awareness
111. She forged her own identity away from her ex-husband
112. She found love again
113. Her beautiful blue eyes
114. She knows how to ride horses
115. She's married to Keith Urban
116. She does wonderful work with the UN
117. She's an oscar winner
118. She can do so many accents
119. She's a good mother
120. She's family oriented
121. She supported Keith through rehab
122. She's not afraid to do an arthouse film
123. She chooses very diverse roles
124. She's drop dead gorgeous
125. She's humble and grateful
126. She celebrates life
127. She's very stunning and lovely, yet behind everything, there's still something very special that controls emotions and thoughts.
128. She kicked tom to the curb and realizes her self-worth without being cocky.
129. She's an inspiration for following your passion.
130. Nicole has the ability to portray many different types of characters.
131. Not only is she stunning, she seems down to Earth.


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