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left ventricle becomes hypertrophied. This change is usually a gradual
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flatness in the right fifth intercostal space five centimeters from the
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full assistantship with Priestley, in charge of his private cases,
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starts from a point of endocardial ulceration, the blood may make its
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mosquitoes and other insects in abundance, insects which, in
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show but little tendency to excite acute inflammation, but may remain
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blowing and low respectively. It is oftener found at the upper part of
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of exhaustion. MacCallum and Voegtlin, on the other hand, hold that
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are in favor of abscesses in the lung. If a friction sound is heard, per-
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the peritoneum can form adhesions. During an operation, gauze may
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Avhich Newell's experience in hospital and private practice led him,
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of other mucous membranes, because of the turgescence of the tur-
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The shape of the flatness in pericardial exudation is described by
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these intermittent or post-paludal pneumonias that they are of insidious
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and only the lower part of the latter could be examined from the pres-
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would have taken most of us a week to prepare. He knew every-
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atelectasis of the newborn. It is often recovered from, but opportunities
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On admmion she was a thin salloAA' woman, with tongue clean,
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is apt to tear out however firm a grip be taken, while in patients
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for their kindness in providing the illustrations in the text.
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Early men think that the gods are jealous and quick
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When the disease extends to the Eustachian tube and middle ear
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not be interdicted unless the patient finds his symptoms aggravated by
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tion of the veins of the back of the hand and foot which comes from a
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July 1868, and that he had acted in that capacity and then as
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vular lesion. Life may be prolonged and good health enjoyed for many
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and both knees have become involved, and there is also pain in the
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(tuberculosis, emphysema) and heart, and of such conditions or diseases
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upon the oedema. Dyspnoea, cyanosis, labored respiration, with in-
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ing to her own statement. Pain at each menstrual period excessive,
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sary if delirium tremens occurs. During the latter half of the disease,
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that of either simple incision or incision with resection of a small por-
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dissection, succeeded in finding the peripheral and proximal ends, which
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conclude by stating that : — " The data on the probable average
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moves to the loins or thorax, where it is out of harm's way. ( ! ) We are
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monary cancer. The admixture of blood is usually considerable ; the
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The facts are stated with delicacy as well as clearness, and the advice

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