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February 26, 2012   •  Category: Uncategorized3 Comments

Hello Nicole fans! Tonight is Oscar night (no word on whether Nic will attend, but I’ll keep you posted), and to celebrate the occassion I have the perfect update for you! None of you will have forgotten the amazing run Nicole had during awards season last year, so a year on, and I have more Rabbit Hole treats for you! Courtesey of my very wonderful friend Maria, I have added over 1,600 full HD screencaptures from Rabbit Hole! These are absolutely exquisite quality, I can’t say it better than that, as you will see. Also exquisite was Nicole’s performance in the film – each and every look she gives tells you something, and you can see exactly what she’s thinking and feeling from her eyes. Which is why there are so many screencaptures ;-)

Please be nice and don’t re-post these on Tumblr etc. without crediting

Jump on in and browse, these are a real treat and I am sure you will love them just as much as I do!

Rabbit Hole > Film Screencaptures x1,647

January 16, 2012   •  Category: Uncategorized3 Comments

As posted about before, I am intending to focus this site on Nic’s earlier work for a while, but I wanted to break that temporarily to bring you photos from tonight’s Golden Globe Awards! Nic walked the red carpet with her husband, and she looked gorgeous in a pale grey Versace dress with gold embroidery. A great look from Nic, don’t you think?

I’ve added the first few photos to our Gallery, and check back tomorrow/the next few days for more coverage from the event…

January 15, 2012   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

An initial lineup of presenters for the 69th annual Golden Globe Awards has been announced. As previously reported, the prizes will be awarded in a ceremony to be held on Sunday, January 15 in Los Angeles and aired live on NBC. Ricky Gervais will host.

Among the presenters will be Antonio Banderas, Jake Gyllenhaal, Salma Hayek, Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Clive Owen, Freida Pinto and Natalie Portman. Additional presenters will be announced shortly.

Among this year’s Golden Globe Award nominees are Alec Baldwin, Claire Danes, Peter Dinklage, David Duchovny, Mireile Enos, Johnny Galecki, Romola Garai, Paul Giamatti, Kelsey Grammer, William Hurt, Diane Lane, Jessica Lange, Laura Linney, Julianna Margulies, Bill Nighy, Tim Robbins, Maggie Smith, Meryl Streep, Sofia Vergara, and Dominic West.


January 1, 2012   •  Category: Uncategorized3 Comments

As it’s January 1st already, I would like to take a second to wish all of our visitors and fellow Nic fans – as well as Ms Kidman herself – a very Happy New Year! I hope 2012 brings you lots of happiness and success.

2011 was quite an incredible year for Nicole. Rabbit Hole was received better than anyone could have expected, and a whirlwind promotion for it resulted in a coveted 3rd Oscar nomination for our Nic. After years of poor reviews and much criticism of her film projects, it was almost out of this world to see the love for Rabbit Hole! Nicole said her Oscar nomination was the “sweetest” of her 3, because she herself had worked so hard not just starring in, but producing, the movie. Also very surprising, was Nicole’s crazy busy work schedule this year, as she shot 3 movies almost back to back. So we have a lot to look forward to in 2012!

Thank you for visiting and supporting Nicole’s Magic in 2011 – I hope you have enjoyed your visit! It was hectic almost every day during awards season earlier this year, but it was such a GOOD hectic, and I hope you all enjoyed our coverage as much as I enjoyed putting it all together. Besides awards season, my favourite ‘site moment’ this year has been putting up this Moulin Rouge layout that you still see – I still get a little stunned looking at it! Nicole’s Magic celebrates 10 years online next year, and I’m working hard at the moment to put together a revamped site in honour of Nicole, and to thank you for your support over our last 10 years. Here’s to 2012 in Nicole world!

December 25, 2011   •  Category: Uncategorized3 Comments

It’s December 25th again, and I’d like to wish all of you visitors, and of course Nicole herself, a very Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a great holiday if you celebrate it, and that it’s filled with Christmas joy!

December 25, 2011   •  Category: Uncategorized3 Comments

Hello Nicole fans! Firstly, I just want to say thank you to those of you that commented on my previous post – I really, really appreciate your support, and I already feel more happy working on the site again! I hope I don’t disappoint you with the updates to come that I mentioned :)

Because of those lovely people’s support, I put together a little Christmas treat for you today, a sort of stocking of Nicole goodies! There’s new content, HQ photos and videos….

I’ve added 4 new and fun Quizzes for you to test your Nicole knowledge. I’ve tried to create some slightly different ones/more specific ones seeing as there’s so much info on Nic out there! We also have a couple of video additions – a video of Nic being interviewed at this year’s Golden Globe Awards (thanks to Brianne), and a super old and rare one from the 1996 Blockbuster Awards at which Nicole won Favourite Actress in an Action/Adventure Movie – check out her cute speech! And to finish off our Christmas treat, just added to the Gallery are a few rare, old HQ movie stills, and some HQ additions from 3 older events which I randomly picked out and found more photos from.

Dive on in, and enjoy!

Billy Bathgate > High Quality Stills x2 more
Days Of Thunder > High Quality Stills x7 more
THE OTHERS (SYDNEY) – High Quality x9 more
Tribeca Ball – High Quality x6 more
Chanel Fashion Show – High Quality x59 more

December 12, 2011   •  Category: Uncategorized10 Comments

First of all, let me apologise for the lack of updates here the last 2 months – sorry! Things have been quiet in Nicole world (she’s been filming Stoker I believe), besides a couple of appearances which I will add photos from soon.

Now for some more site news. It’s clear my motivation for running this site dwindles regularly, and I’ve been trying to come up with ideas to fix that, as I don’t want to close the site. In short, and for now, I’ve decided that for the next few months I will focus this site on Nicole’s earlier career (up til about 2005), and make updates relating to those years. I may post new news and photos, but my focus will be on older photos and information. This isn’t permanent, so I hope you’re not too put off by this. It’s the only solution I could come up with to keep this site alive and my interest in it going! I think it will be good. If that brings my motivation back, then the sky’s the limit!

Nicole’s Magic will celebrate a whopping 10 years online next April, so up until then I will be working hard on sprucing up our content. I’ve really got going on it in the last few days and I’m excited to get all the ideas I have up for you here. Its going to inject some life back into this site to give Nicole the fitting tribute she deserves. If you have any ideas for new content and/or for ways to celebrate our 10 years online, then you know what to do!!

This will most likely be the last update before Christmas due to me being busy/the holiday season, except for a little Xmas update coming later this week.

Feel free to post a comment or email me if you have anything to say about this post, I love to hear from visitors.

December 9, 2011   •  Category: Uncategorized1 Comment

Zac Efron is one lucky guy.

Not only does he get superclose to Michelle Pfeiffer in the about-to-be released New Year’s Eve, but it sounds like the 24-year-old former High School Musical star gets even closer to Nicole Kidman in Precious director Lee Daniels’ upcoming thriller, The Paperboy.

“It’s high-class problems,” Efron quipped when I asked him at the New Year’s premiere what it was like to go from Pfeiffer to Kidman.

Of locking lips with Pfeiffer, he smiled, “I’ll just say I am very happy. It was a lot of takes.”

Efron kept it tight-lipped when it came to Paperboy details, but did say that his and Kidman’s characters’ relationship “is very complicated.”

So, could there be a steamy scene or two?

“It’s fun,” Efron teased. “We get to really have some fun.”


October 19, 2011   •  Category: Uncategorized2 Comments

Proper updates will resume soon, but for now – Whilst browsing YouTube I came across a rarity for us – a full video of Nicole’s 1984 episode of Aussie soap A Country Practice! Nicole plays glue-sniffer Simone in this episode, which was one of her first TV roles.

September 12, 2011   •  Category: Uncategorized2 Comments

Nicole’s husband Keith Urban has released his own men’s cologne, and in a new interview promoting it, he of course mentioned that Nic has smelt it! What does she think?

Urban’s father hasn’t smelled Phoenix yet, but his wife has.

And she likes it? “She does. Certainly that was my first point of reference.”

- Read the rest of Keith’s interview here (no further mention of Nicole).

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