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I am in the process of giving our content a major overhaul - it will all be updated, and new pages will be added. As a result, many of the pages linked below do not currently work. Please be patient and check back regularly for the gradual launch of our new, extensive content!


Unconfirmed- Upcoming
The Danish Girl (2011) … Einar Wegener

Confirmed- Upcoming
The Paperboy (2012) … Charlotte Bless
Stoker (2013) … Evelyn ‘Evie’ Stoker

Trespass (2011) … Sarah
Just Go With It (2011) … Devlin
Rabbit Hole (2010) … Becca
Nine (2009) … Claudia
Australia (2008) … Sarah
The Golden Compass (2007) … Mrs Coulter
Margot At The Wedding (2007) … Margot

The Invasion (2007) … Carol
Happy Feet (2006) … Norma Jean (voice)
Fur (2006) … Diane Arbus
Bewitched (2005) … Isabel Bigelow/Samantha Stephens
The Interpreter (2005) … Sylvia Broome
Birth (2004) … Anna
The Stepford Wives (2004) … Joanna
Cold Mountain (2003) … Ada
The Human Stain (2003) …. Faunia Farley
Dogville (2003) …. Grace
The Hours (2002) …. Virginia Woolf
Birthday Girl (2001) …. Nadia/Sofia () …
The Others (2001) …. Grace
Moulin Rouge! (2001) …. Satine
Eyes Wide Shut (1999) …. Alice Harford
Practical Magic (1998) …. Gillian ‘Gilly-Bean’ Owens
The Peacemaker (1997) …. Julia Kelly
The Portrait Of A Lady (1996) …. Isabel Archer
The Leading Man (1996) … Academy Award Presenter (cameo)
To Die For (1995) …. Suzanne Stone Maretto
Batman Forever (1995) …. Dr. Chase Meridian
My Life (1993) …. Gail Jones
Malice (1993) …. Tracy Kennsinger
Far And Away (1992) …. Shannon Christie
Billy Bathgate (1991) …. Drew Preston
Flirting (1991) …. Nicola Radcliffe
Days of Thunder (1990) …. Dr. Claire Lewicki
Dead Calm (1989) …. Rae Ingram
Emerald City (1988) …. Helen, Mike McCord’s Girlfriend
The Bit Part (1987) …. Mary McAllister
Watch the Shadows Dance (1986) …. Amy Gabriel
Windrider (1986) …. Jade
Archer’s Adventure (1985) …. Catherine
Wills & Burke (1985) …. Julia Matthews
BMX Bandits (1983) …. Judy
Bush Christmas (1983) …. Helen


Hemingway & Gellhorn (2012) (TV movie) …. Martha Gelhorn
Bangkok Hilton (1989) (mini) …. Katrina Stanton
Un Australiana a Roma (1987) …. Jill
Room to Move (1987) …. Carol Trig
Vietnam (1986) (mini) …. Megan Goddard
Five Mile Creek (1984) …. Annie
Matthew and Son (1984) …. Bridget Elliot
Chase Through the Night (1983) …. Petra
A Country Practice (1983) … Simone Jenkins


The Blue Room (1998)
Steel Magnolias (1988) … Shelby
Spring Awakening (1981)


Rabbit Hole (2010)
In the Cut (2002)


Somethin’ Stupid with Robbie Williams (2001)
Come What May with Ewan McGregor (from the film Moulin Rouge), (2001)
One Day I’ll Fly Away (from the film Moulin Rouge), (2001)


Pat Wilson – ‘Bop Girl’ (promotional video only) (1983)
Moving Pictures – ‘Where They Belong’ (promotional video only) (198)


Schweppes (2009)
Nintendo DS Brain Training (2008)
Sky Italia (2006)
Omega Watches (2005)
Chanel No.5 (2004)
Key To The Cure (2003)
El Corte Ingles (2002)
Glints (1984)
MBF (1984)

Welcome to Nicole's Magic
Welcome to Nicole's Magic, a fansite for the spectacular spectacular Academy Award winning Australian actress Nicole Kidman. Nicole is one of the most sought-after actresses of her generation, and is known for her roles in Moulin Rouge, The Hours and To Die For, and has recently been seen in the highly acclaimed Rabbit Hole, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award.

Nicole's Magic is the largest and most comprehensive fansite for Nicole, and, come what may, is completely dedicated to supporting her and her career, and keeping the fans up to date with all that she's doing. Comments, suggestions, sparkling diamonds, elephant love medleys and contributions are always more than welcomed so please contact me if you have anything to say. Enjoy your visit, add us to your Favourites and come back again soon!

We <3 Moulin Rouge
Celebrating all that is Moulin Rouge for it's 10th anniversary this last year!

"Nicole is so naturally glamorous, it's ridiculous not to use that because she does embody the sparkling diamond." - Catherine Martin on designing the costumes for Satine

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