Welcome to the 2011 Nicole Kidman Birthday Project!

Welcome to the 2011 Nicole Kidman Birthday Project! Nicole celebrates her 44th birthday this year on June 20th, and now that she's joined the online world with an official site and Facebook page, we thought it would be a great idea to send her some online birthday greetings!

Nicole has had a fantastic past 12 months, with the incredible success and love given to Rabbit Hole by critics and award bodies. Plus on top of that, Nicole and her family announced a new addition to their brood, with the arrival of baby Faith Margaret via a gestational carrier! It seems the perfect year to congratulate Nicole, and remind her of how much her fans love her. And as Nicole just joined the online world last July, after years of having no reliable fanmail address, we have a much simpler way of passing our messages on to her.

For the past month fans have submitted messages, drawings, graphics, videos and poems to wish Nicole a happy birthday. It's now June 20th, the entry form is closed, and all birthday messages can now be viewed within this section! Thank you so much to everyone who has submitted something! We will now post a link to our Birthday Project on Nicole's official website and Facebook page, in the hope that she sees it, or someone sees it and passes it on to her! Here's hoping she sees it so she knows we love her! We hope these messages will put an even bigger smile on her face on June 20th.

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