Want to send a message to Nicole and Keith congratulating them on their baby? Here's your chance!

We are putting together a 'Baby Book' full of your messages to the family, and we will then ship it off to them. Here is what and how you can submit entries:

Your entry must be A4 (210 297 mm / 8.3 x 11.7 inches) sized

Your entry must be ONE SIDED, not double sided.

Your entry must be on PAPER - not cardboard, and not 'textured' paper - simple plain paper.

Your may include anything on your entry - poems, letters, printed pictures, photos, stickers ETC. If you are not sure whether what you want to include is accepted then please contact me.

Your entry may not make reference to the following : a) Tom Cruise b) Nicole's previous failed pregnancies (nb: saying something like 'I'm happy you have finally got what you have wished for IS ok, as it is not a direct reference) c) Keith's rehab stints, unless you are using it to say how it inspired you, for example d) the media's perception of Nicole's relationship with her children (ie doesn't see them much).

Your entry must be in English

Your entry may be hand-written OR put together on the computer and printed off OR put together on the computer and emailed to me to print off. If you want to submit something smaller than an A4 page then this is accepted too. Smaller entries should ideally just be text and must be submitted via email, and they will then all be put together on a page.

As part of this project we also urge contributors to make a donation to a charity of their choice in honour of Nicole. I understand that this may not be possible for everyone, but a donation of any size to any charity would certainly be appreciated by Nicole. If you do make a donation then make sure you include a note about it on your entry (ie include a line that says 'I donated [amount] to [name of charity]'.

Hand-written or printed off entries - our long-standing forum moderator Lex has kindly offered to receive entries at her work address - you need to email me to ask for this address, I will then give it to you and you can post your entry. It is recommended you post your entry in an A4 envelope WITH CARDBOARD in it to protect your page from any damage. The envelope must also be marked 'Private & Confidential'.

Emailed entries - if you want to submit your entry through email then you can email your entry to me at with the subject as 'Baby Book 2008'. If you do not use that subject your email may get deleted!! I'd also prefer it if you uploaded your entry to somewhere like (recommended) rather than attaching it in an email.

Questions? CONTACT ME!!

DEADLINE: Entries must be received by July 7th.