New interview with Deadline: Nicole Kidman On ‘Hemingway And Gellhorn’
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Deadline have posted a new interview with Nicole that they did during the Cannes Film Festival. It seems to be an extended version of this interview that they released earlier this month.

EMMYS: Nicole Kidman On ‘Hemingway And Gellhorn’

When I caught up with Nicole Kidman in May near the end of the Cannes Film Festival she just wanted to take off her shoes and relax. It was a grueling schedule as she had two films on successive nights in the official selection doing press conferences and walking up the Palais’ fabeled red carpeted steps two nights in a row. With her powerhouse Emmys 2012 Nicole Kidmanportrayal of journalist Martha Gellhorn who also engaged in a tumultuous marriage as Ernest Hemingway’s third wife, Kidman had the rare opportunity of premiering a movie in Cannes that would debut on HBO just four nights later. And before this Oscar winning star (The Hours) showed there is practically nothing she won’t do for her art as the trampy Southern trollop in Precious director Lee Daniel’s first film since that triumph, The Paperboy, in which she stars opposite Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron and John Cusack. The movie divided critics but everyone seemed to agree Kidman nailed it. Clearly this major movie star is on a roll and as she told me she goes where the interesting parts are now whether it’s the movies, theatre or even television, which in Gellhorn gave her one of the roles of a lifetime.

AWARDSLINE: Were you familiar with Martha Gellhorn?
KIDMAN: I didn’t even know who she was. Then I started researching her and called [director] Phil [Kaufman] and said ‘I have got to play her.’ And to play her old and looking back. She had that perspective. And the final images of the film are her looking back and on the phone and saying ‘I will pay my own way.’ I had to tell that story: I’m going, throwing that backpack on and going out that door … She is such a great woman in the hands of Phil because he loves women. And I think it’s great that he’s told her story. She trail-blazed a lot of female journalists, but also she was a role model for women.

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Nicole to cover September issue of V magazine?
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Props to our news posting master ‘thehours_fan‘ at our forum for the heads-up on a possible new magazine cover for Nic:

According to a few reliable sources, those Lady Gaga rumors are true, and the singer is indeed covering Vogue‘s September issue. Additionally, Styleite learned exclusively that the ever lovely Emma Stone will grace the cover of Interview, and Nicole Kidman will front V magazine.

This should be an interesting cover if it is actually happening, and Nic has never been photographed for V magazine before. We’ll keep you posted on any further news surrounding this!

RIP Nora Ephron
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It was reported last night that talented director, writer, producer and humourist Nora Ephron passed away from pneumonia. Nora of course directed Nicole in Bewitched (2005), and Nicole considered her a friend since then. Ephron also wrote, directed and/or produced the romantic comedy classics Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, and more recently worked with Meryl Streep on Julie & Julia. Nicole shared her condolences in a press release:

“Nora was a joy to be around; she was so smart, warm, and funny. I am so grateful that she was my friend and we had the opportunity to work together. My thoughts and love are with her family at this time. I will never forget the dinners, games, and laughter we all shared.”
- Nicole Kidman

While Bewitched received rather unfavourable reviews from critics and many movie-goers, it is still a fan favourite in the Nicole fan community, and is definitely one of my favourite Nicole films. It is so charmingly sweet, romantic and funny, and it’s the movie I put on when in need of some light hearted relief. Those who enjoy the film, really love it, and Nicole is aware of the fan love for it, saying in 2005: “Everybody is obsessed with Bewitched. I get asked so many questions about it. I’m glad. It’s fun. It’s a lot of fun. Will Ferrell is just a sweetheart.”

One of the reasons Nicole took the part was because she wanted to work with Nora Ephron, and Nora showed us a side of Nicole we hadn’t seen before. “She’s really fun, she’s really warm, she’s really charming, and we haven’t seen her be this Nicole Kidman,” Ephron said. Nicole herself enjoyed working with Ephron, noting that she has the best catering in the world! “Nora is incredibly witty and powerful as a woman, yet she is also extremely nurturing. She invites you over on a Saturday night and she does all the cooking and she kind of has 30 people over. She loves to direct the film during the week and then entertain on the weekends. And I think that that’s something that people don’t realize about her, that there’s such a selfness to her and at the same time she is one of the smartest writers and smartest women working today,” Nicole told an interviewer in 2005. Both Nicole and Will Ferrell liked the original concept for the film that the Ephron sisters came up with when writing the script, with Nicole describing it as “clever and “cute”. “One of the points of Bewitched,” Ephron said, “is that all the magic in the world is no match for love.”

Scroll on down this post for the trailer and a few clips from Bewitched in memory of this woman who will certainly be missed in the film industry.

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Gala Croisette magazine’s Cannes coverage
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Big thanks to Mirik for sending us scans from the May 10th-25th issue of French Gala Croisette magazine, which had a nice spread on Nicole’s appearances in Cannes. Check out our scans in the Gallery:

Gala Croisette (Fr) – May 10th-25th 2012 x7

Moving Pictures – ‘Where They Belong’ music video from 1983!
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Way back in 1983, Nicole made a famous appearance in the music video for Pat Wilson’s song Bop Girl. Most of us know that now. What we didn’t know, however, was that that was not the only music video Nicole appeared in that year! A very big thanks goes to our intrepid forum member Nicoleta for discovering and sharing that Nicole also appeared in the music video for Australian rock band Moving Pictures’ single Where They Belong. This is a very rare and exciting find – after 10 years of running this site I get particularly excited to discover something old that Nicole did (magazine cover, project etc.) that we had not previously heard about. Nicole obviously looks super-young, and her trademark big curly hair is on display … and her eyes are as piercing as always.

Watch the video below, and find screencaptures in the Gallery. I hope you all enjoy this great find as much as I did! Big thanks again to Nicoleta.

Birthday update #3 – old photoshoot HQs
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For our 3rd and final birthday update today, I have replaced various photoshoot pictures from the 90′s with exclusive high quality versions! The new HQ versions can be identified by the image title of hq00#.jpg when you hover over the thumbnails. Some of these are amongst my favourite Nicole photoshoots – she looks so young and fresh faced! Some of them were also amongst the first photos I ever saw of Nic, so make me feel very nostalgic ^_^

Big thanks to crayen for helping me get my hands on these for us :-) Getting old photoshoots like these in high quality is pretty rare, so please be kind and don’t re-post them.

More rarities coming up over the weekend! Remember to scroll back down/see this post to leave your birthday wishes for Nic.

Photographed in the early 1990′s > Session #105 x2 replaced with HQs
Photographed in the early 1990′s > Session #106 x7 replaced with HQs
Session #108 x3 replaced with HQs
Session #109 x4 replaced with HQs
Session #111 x1 replaced with HQs
Photographed in 1996 > Session #114 x1 replaced with HQs
Photographed in 1996 > Session #115 x3 replaced with HQs
Photographed in 1996 > Session #107 x16 replaced with HQs

“The Paperboy” to be released October 5th
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Big thanks to our forum member thehours_fan for the alert to this:

Millennium Entertainment will release Lee Daniels’ The Paperboy theatrically on October 5, the distributor announced today. The erotic thriller stars Matthew McConaughey, Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron, David Oyelowo, Macy Gray and John Cusack. The screenplay was written by Pete Dexter and Daniels, based on the novel by Dexter. The movie got decidedly mixed reviews in May when it had its world premiere at Cannes. It revolves around a man (Efron) who tries to help his journalist brother (McConaughey) investigate the possible wrongful conviction of a man on death row (Cusack). Kidman co-stars as a Southern tart who likes her men behind bars.


Birthday update #2 – beautiful press conference HQs
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While thinking about what goodies I could add to the site today for Nic’s birthday, I remembered I had a large batch of rather pretty press conference HQs waiting to be uploaded. So, here are half of them! I’ve stuck to 2003 for now, and have added over 120 more HQs from the Cold Moutain and The Human Stain press conferences. Nic looks perfectly divine in both sets – so beautiful and full of life – they are by far some of my favourite Nicole photos of all time. Have a look for yourself…!

Cold Mountain Press Conference – High Quality x80-odd more
The Human Stain Press Conference – High Quality x51 more

Birthday update #1 – More Cannes press conference HQs
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To kick off our day of updates, I have added over 30 more gorgeous HQ photos from the Paperboy press conference at Cannes! Some of these are HQ versions of pictures we previously had … fortuntely I’ve been able to replace some of my favourites with HQ versions, and they are even more stunning in HQ :-) I’m still in love with Nicole’s look at the Paperboy press conference/photocall – the hair, make-up and dress are just perfection!

Cannes Film Festival – “The Paperboy” Press Conference – High Quality x32 more

Happy Birthday Nicole Kidman!
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Our beautiful Nicole celebrates her 45th birthday today, and we would like to wish her a very heartfelt Happy Birthday! Nicole we hope you spend your special day surrounded by the people and things you love, and that the year ahead brings you all you wish for. Thank you for sharing your talents with us and proving time and time again that there is no-one quite like you!

Feel free to leave your birthday messages for Nic by posting a comment below!

Birthday updates are a’ comin’…

"I’d like to be wise. You have to go through a lot to get there, but I’m willing to go through a lot." - Nicole Kidman

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