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December 12, 2011   •  Category: Uncategorized10 Comments

First of all, let me apologise for the lack of updates here the last 2 months – sorry! Things have been quiet in Nicole world (she’s been filming Stoker I believe), besides a couple of appearances which I will add photos from soon.

Now for some more site news. It’s clear my motivation for running this site dwindles regularly, and I’ve been trying to come up with ideas to fix that, as I don’t want to close the site. In short, and for now, I’ve decided that for the next few months I will focus this site on Nicole’s earlier career (up til about 2005), and make updates relating to those years. I may post new news and photos, but my focus will be on older photos and information. This isn’t permanent, so I hope you’re not too put off by this. It’s the only solution I could come up with to keep this site alive and my interest in it going! I think it will be good. If that brings my motivation back, then the sky’s the limit!

Nicole’s Magic will celebrate a whopping 10 years online next April, so up until then I will be working hard on sprucing up our content. I’ve really got going on it in the last few days and I’m excited to get all the ideas I have up for you here. Its going to inject some life back into this site to give Nicole the fitting tribute she deserves. If you have any ideas for new content and/or for ways to celebrate our 10 years online, then you know what to do!!

This will most likely be the last update before Christmas due to me being busy/the holiday season, except for a little Xmas update coming later this week.

Feel free to post a comment or email me if you have anything to say about this post, I love to hear from visitors.

Comment by Michael on Dec. 12, 2011

Great to hear you’re still dedicated to the site even though you’re experiencing a bit of a low with it! I visit Nicole’s Magic forums daily and am so glad there is a spot us Kidmanites can all come together and share our love of this gorgeous, lovely woman! I was thinking another way you could keep up with motivation for the site would be to maybe have some way of documenting the Official Nicole Kidman website’s updates? It seems that they’re happening a bit more regularly now and it might help :) But thank you once again for Nicole’s Magic, and please don’t give up on it – I love Nicole and this site too much!!! <3

Comment by Laura Harrison on Dec. 12, 2011

Hi Jess. It’ll be great when you post afew of the earlyer things. :)

I LOVE Practical Magic and The Prtrait of a Lady. If you could find any of that, i’d be SO grateful! :D


Laura x

Comment by Tulsa on Dec. 12, 2011


Dont give up on the sit, its AMAZING!! i love it, im so thankful to you for doing it :D

If you ever need any help im sure many fans would be ready to offer thier support :)


Comment by BuBu on Dec. 12, 2011

Hi! I second the last comment, please, never close this site. The gallery is amazing and has a lot of pics. Last year Nathiel Rogers (the guy who runs The Film Experience) said that every actress shoud have a fan website like yours, so CONGRATULATIONS!!

Comment by monica on Dec. 13, 2011

we missed you =)

Comment by Kidmanfan on Dec. 13, 2011

We Love You.
It Is grtat Site about Nic.
Don t Stop? Jess :)

Comment by prcn on Dec. 13, 2011

hi dear
please dont give up!!! i love this site .it is No 1 . every day i come to visit this site even without any updates. keep going .
best wishes for you.

Comment by Monset on Dec. 14, 2011

Yeah, we missed! I think is good idea with focus on earlier carrier. I can’t wait! Don’t give up, you are great in your work! [Wishes from Poland]

Comment by Nick on Dec. 16, 2011

Hi Jess! Keep up the good work! X

Comment by Nicoleta on Dec. 17, 2011

Jess, don’t give up. This is the best fan site for great actress Nicole Kidman. Untill Nic gives You something fresh and new stories and movie updates, please focus on her earlier career, please please please. I am very sad that this site never existed during ’80s and ’90s, and now is the time to give Nicole credit for her earlier work. I suggest You create new video gallery similar to picture gallery.

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