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October 31, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized2 Comments

I keep remembering that I missed a few events from earlier this year and I need to add photos from them, and I have now been able to properly start on that! I’ve added over 90 HQ photos from the CMT Awards that Nicole attended with her husband back in June. She looked elegant in a little gold dress with her red-ish hair down. Nic was sitting next to her The Stepford Wives co-star Faith Hill at the event, and I love the photos of the two of them chatting together, they seem to get on really well!

As for other catch-up/missed event photos – I still have lots more to add from the Just Go With It film set, as well as more from the ACM Awards and HFPA Luncheon, events which I did add a few photos from, but never the full sets. So stay tuned for that soon :)

CMT Music Awards – High Quality x97

October 31, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized4 Comments

As posted about earlier, Nicole attended the launch of Omega’s new ‘Ladymatic’ watch in Beijing yesterday, and is the face of the advertising campaign for the product. I’ve now added photos from that launch event, plus the advert posters, set photos and behind the scenes screencaps from the making of the advert. Nicole looks so gorgeous in all of these photos! There are so many beautiful shots in the behind the scenes video, so make sure you don’t miss them. The behind the scenes video was posted a few posts down, so scroll down to view that if you haven’t done so already (or just view it again ;) ).

‘Ladymatic’ – Adverts x2
‘Ladymatic’ – On The Set x5
‘Ladymatic’ – Behind The Scenes video screencaps x71
Launch of Omega’s ‘Ladymatic’ in Beijing x7

October 31, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized2 Comments

Omega, the watch brand that astronaut Buzz Aldrin famously wore to the moon in 1969, unveiled the new Ladymatic collection today in Beijing, signaling its first serious effort to conquer the ladies’ mechanical watch market.

Two years in the making, the Ladymatic borrows its name from an Omega model introduced in 1955 and its design sensibility from that era’s golden age of couture. The comparisons, however, end there. The modern version of the timepiece houses a robust Co-Axial caliber 8520/8521 within a round 34 mm case crafted from 18k rose gold, 18k yellow gold, or stainless steel, with or without diamonds. The movement features the innovative Co-Axial escapement designed in 1999 with the help of British watchmaking legend George Daniels.

“We felt there was a need for this,” Omega president Stephen Urquhart said. “The new watches are superb and they’ve been designed for women who have told us that they are as interested in the quality of our mechanical movements as they are in the style of the watches.”

Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman, a brand ambassador since 2004, is the face of the Ladymatic advertising campaign shot by photographer Peter Lindbergh. Presiding over the launch, Kidman said she believed “all women want a beautiful watch, but not just for show.”

Showing off the rose gold bracelet style adorning her slender wrist, she continued: “It’s not very heavy, but it’s got weight, and it’s not a replica of a man’s watch.”

October 31, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

At a press conference at Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Beijing, attended by international media and featuring actress Nicole Kidman, Swiss watchmaker OMEGA unveiled Ladymatic. The mechanical wristwatch for women blends state-of-the-industry technology with dramatic aesthetic appeal.

OMEGA president Stephen Urquhart, who was fighting laryngitis, opened the launch event. He remarked, “I may have lost my voice but OMEGA hasn’t lost its voice.” His comment was greeted with enthusiastic applause. Kevin Rollenhagen, Member of the Extended Management Committee of the Swatch Group, Responsible for Greater China and Australia, presented the speech that Mr. Urquhart had prepared for the occasion. The Swatch Group is OMEGA’s parent company.

Mr. Rollenhagen explained why OMEGA created the Ladymatic and discussed the underlying philosophy behind the watch’s concept. He described the increasingly important role of women as leaders in business, politics, lifestyle and media and said that OMEGA decided to create a state-of-the-industry watch for women of accomplishment.

OMEGA’s aim, said Kevin Rollenhagen, was “to create a watch which would integrate our most innovative technology with dramatic, eye-catching design. It was not enough that it would be equipped with the best mechanical watch movement in the worlds – it also needed to be emotionally and aesthetically expressive.”

October 31, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

Some Halloween-themed programming news: Warner Bros. is developing a reboot of its 1998 film Practical Magic for ABC Family.

The studio and network are in the very early stages of bringing back the fantasy, which is based on a novel by Alice Hoffman.

Practical Magic is about the Owens family, including two sisters and their orphaned nieces, who are the latest in a ancestral line of witches. If any of the Owens women find true love with a man, he dies tragically (which is what happened the nieces’ father).

The movie starred Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. Several years ago, the story was later re-developed for a TV version that didn’t make it off the ground.

If Practical Magic successfully debuts on ABC Family, it will join a legacy of Witch TV titles such as Charmed, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and, of course, Bewitched.

October 31, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

A bunch of new photos from Trespass have been released, and thanks to Giuggiola for posting them on our forum, I have now added them into our Gallery too. We’re getting a lot of photos from this film very early on, seeing as they only just finished filming the movie!

Trespass > Stills x5 more
Trespass > On the set – Misc./Unknown x1

October 30, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized9 Comments

Nicole is back at the forefront of a new Omega product! She is promoting the new ‘Ladymatic’ watch, and adverts for the new product have appeared online today! She also attended a launch event in Beijing today (?). Below is a behind the scenes video of the new campaign, and I will add the advert photo and event pictures to the Gallery tomorrow/asap.

Nicole looks gorgeous!

October 26, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized1 Comment

Parties, private screenings, Q&As and the first movie awards show of the season all in the span of 24 hours. It all proves we’re in full swing with just four months to go before the Oscars.

Eckhart made a beeline for the exit following his presentation [at the Hollywood Awards Gala on Monday 25th] to head over to the Landmark Theatre in West L.A. where he joined Rabbit Hole co-star Nicole Kidman for a Q&A in front of the SAG nominating committee. As one of the film’s producers, Kidman also participated in another Q&A there for the PGA a half hour earlier. The December 17 awards contender played well for both groups who packed the theatres even on a slow Monday. Kidman, a first time producer, revealed that she trimmed the budget by nixing trailers for the cast. Instead everyone lived in the same house where they shot the film. Kidman and Eckhart even shared a bathroom until he decided enough was enough and moved downstairs for the remainder of the New York shoot.


October 26, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

Oscar buzz for Rabbit Hole is heating up and it’s a really exciting time! Be sure that we’ll be bringing you all the coverage right here. Here are a couple of recent articles from reputable sources on the possibilities for Rabbit Hole and Nicole:

» Good Morning Oscar, October 25: The Rom-Com Bias
» Good Morning Oscar, October 19: Wonder Women
» Chart Is Dated
» Gold Derby: Is the Oscar derby already over?
» Vanity Fair: Will This Year’s Best Actress Oscar Be a Celebrity Death Match? (Yes.)

October 26, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

Jennifer Aniston has been named the top body icon in a new poll.

The ‘Marley & Me’ actress pulled in over a third of votes in a survey by moisturiser Astral beating the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Cheryl Cole and Halle Berry.

The 41-year-old beauty was also named as the star most respondents aged 35 to 50 could relate to, narrowly coming ahead of Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.

Many experts credit Jennifer’s great looks with her taking good care of her body and say one beauty tip is to always keep skin hydrated and moisturised.

One of the most popular moisturisers is Astral, which has been clinically proven to be effective and is celebrating its 60th birthday this year, with generations and many millions of women, using and loving Astral since its launch in 1950.

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