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June 23, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized10 Comments

I have another big update for you today, Nicole fans, and again it features some fantastic stuff! To start with, I’ve added over 40 new HQs from the 2003 Costume Institute Gala, most of which are gorgeous close-ups of an animated Nicole talking to the press – don’t miss these! Then, I’ve added lots more HQs from Nicole’s recent appearances in Hong Kong to promote Omega – she looks really stunning and statuesque in the Charity Gala ones, and there are some cute pics of her cheering along with the event. Oh, and there are also some more beautiful close-ups from this event which are worth a mention!

Moving on from appearance photos, but still with Omega, we have a couple of new/old Omega ads, plus a rather photoshopped new promotional photo for the brand that appeared during that recent visit to Hong Kong. Nicole posed for some portrait photoshoot pictures in Hong Kong, and this all-new photoshoot has been added to our Gallery too.

Various other new photos have been added, including an old and rare photo of Nicole and her ex-husband with Charlie Sheen, possibly taken in 2000. Finally, we have 3 new sets of scans from an In Style (thanks Carla!), Emporium Traveller (thanks Ella!), and TV Movie (thanks Ann).

A big thanks goes to some of our forum members for some of these photos – Emma (nickufan) for half of the Omega Boutique photos, Lica for the Omega Japan photoshoot, nueng0908 for the new Omega photoshoot, and Carla and Ella for scans.

The main new additions are listed below, but visit the Last Uploads page to see everything. And I apologise for the extra long lines of previews below, but some of these pics are just too good to not show off!

Costume Institute Gala – High Quality x42 more
Launch of the new Omega Boutique and Press Conference – High Quality x62 more
Launch of the new Omega Boutique and Press Conference x24
Omega’s ‘A Night With The Stars’ Charity Gala – High Quality x27 more
Omega’s ‘A Night With The Stars’ Charity Gala x12
“Music City Keep On Playin’” Nashville Benefit Concert Phone Bank x14
“Music City Keep On Playin’” Nashville Benefit Concert Phone Bank – High Quality x1 more/rest replaced with HQ
Omega > Print Adverts x3 more
Omega > 2010 Promotional Photoshoot x1
The Invasion > On the set – Unknown x1
Unknown Events x1 more
In Style (Sp) – April 2010 x2
TV Movie (Ger) – January 2nd-15th 2010 x2
Emporium Traveller (UK) – Winter 2008 x3
2010 – Session #001 x5

June 23, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

Country singer Keith Urban sacrificed a Father’s Day celebration on Sunday – because the holiday falls on his wife Nicole Kidman’s birthday.

The Moulin Rouge! actress turned 43 on Sunday and her husband decided to dedicate the weekend to her, rather than make any special plans for himself.

But Urban, who shares daughter Sunday Rose with Kidman, insists the Antipodeans will be celebrating Father’s Day in September – when Australians observe the annual event.

June 23, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

Nicole Kidman and Gillian Anderson are set to appear in rival films about war correspondent and novelist Martha Gellhorn.

Oscar-winner Nicole has just been signed up along with Clive Owen to star in Hemingway And Gellhorn about one of American literature’s most famous couples, Deadline Hollywood reveals.

X Files star Gillian’s company bought the rights to Caroline Moorehead’s biography Gellhorn: A Twentieth-Century Life in 2008 and hired Sharman Macdonald to write a feature adaptation for Gillian to star in as Gellhorn.

James Gandolfini is producing Hemingway And Gellhorn, which he has been working on for six years now and was originally attached to star in himself.

Philip Kaufman will direct from a script by Barbara Turner and Jerry Stahl and filming is due to start in Northern California next year.

June 22, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized1 Comment

I have a fantastic update for you today! I’ve added some really old and really rare treats! These are photos from various small appearances in Australia in the late 1980′s, plus some photoshoots from the same time. Included are photos from a press conference for Dead Calm on a wharf in Sydney and a photoshoot taken to promote Emerald City. I’d never seen these photos/events before, so I hope these are new to you too!

And jumping from the 1980′s to the late 2000′s, I’ve also added a new and unseen photoshoot that was probably taken around 2006-2007. This is courtesy of Lea, so a big thank you goes to her. Lea and I + some of our other awesome forum members think this looks like it was taken around the time of The Invasion, based on her hairstyle and that grey jumper. It’s a really gorgeous photo.

These photos are exclusive to Nicole’s Magic so I ask that you please do not re-post them elsewhere. And also … enjoy the rare Nicole goodies!! :)

1980′s – Unknown [1] x1
Opening of Australia Young People’s Theatre x2
Performance of “Brooklyn Laundry” x1
Dead Calm Press Conference x7
Launch Of E-Street x1
Dead Calm Premiere x1 replaced with unwatermarked version
Emerald City (Sydney) Premiere x1 more
1980′s – Session #015 x1
1980′s – Session #016 x
1980′s – Session #017 x1
1990s – Session #018 – High Quality x2
Session #143 x1

June 20, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized13 Comments

Today, June 20th, is our beloved Nicole’s birthday! She turns 43 today. So on behalf of all her fans here at Nicole’s Magic, I’d like to wish her a very Happy Birthday! Nicole, we hope you have a very special day spent with your loved ones, and that the year ahead brings you everything you wish for. Thank you for being such an inspiration and for sharing your talents with us.

Leave your birthday wishes for Nicole by posting a comment here, or in the birthday thread at the forum. If you’ve made some birthday fanart to celebrate Nicole’s day then feel free to share that too, and I will display it here on the site!

To celebrate our Nic’s birthday, I’m planning to update the Gallery with as much as I can fit in today. So keep checking back throughout the day for new additions in the Gallery, and this post will be edited as they are added. To start with, I’ve added some gorgeous scans from a couple of older Italian Vanity Fair magazines, thanks to the lovely Martina. I particularly love the November 2005 photos (previously seen in French Vogue in 2005), Nicole looks kind of ethereal in them!

The Gallery update for today is complete! I’ve added a bunch of photos for you, including pictures from the set of Nine (finally!), some old and rare appearance hqs and some more recent appearance hqs and more here and there. Don’t miss the beautiful photos of Nic with Dylan Hartung, and the early Oscar photos!

  Happy Birthday Nicole!!  

Vanity Fair (It) – November 2005 x7
Vanity Fair (It) – December 2008 x10

The 2009 Grammys – High Quality x10 more
The 2009 Oscars – High Quality x4 more
The 2009 Oscars Vanity Fair Party – High Quality x9 more
Australia (Japan) – High Quality x25 more
With Dylan Hartung – 20th August – High Quality x16
The Oscars 1990 – High Quality x1
The Oscars 1991 – High Quality x11 more
The Oscars 1994 – High Quality x6 more
Cold Mountain (Sydney) – High Quality x8 more
Deauville Film Festival 2004 – Birth Screening – High Quality x26 more
Venice Film Festival 2004 – Out and About [2] – High Quality x18 more
Candids: SoHo New York, June 8th – High Quality x3 more
Birth > High Quality Stills & Artwork x2 more
Bewitched (17 Magazine Screening) x2 more
Nine: On The Set: January 28th – January 31st x135 total

June 18, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized3 Comments

I’ve finally finished and ‘opened’ June’s Movie Of The Month! I’m sorry it’s taken so long, I’ve just been so busy with other stuff and haven’t had time to write the feature. This month’s Movie Of The Month is Vietnam, Nicole’s much acclaimed 1987 tv mini-series. It’s one of my absolute favourite Nicole projects and definitely one of her best performances. So go and read all about it, and enjoy the feature :)

I’ve also updated the Featured Photo on the sidebar. I will try to get caught up with new photos asap, please bear with me as things are still busy for me and will be for a few more weeks :)

Movie Of The Month - Vietnam

June 16, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized5 Comments

Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage have decided to “Trespass,” signing on to play a married couple in Nu Image/Millennium Films’ action-adventure. Joel Schumacher directs.

Nu Image/Millennium is aiming for an August production start in Louisiana. Irwin Winkler, Avi Lerner and Danny Dimbort will produce.

Story, written by Karl Gajdusek and Eli Richbourg, centers on a husband and wife taken hostage by four brutal perpetrators seeking easy cash. Complications ensue amid the unexpected discovery of betrayal and deception.

“Trespass” marks the fourth collaboration between Cage and Nu Image/Millennium Films following the recently wrapped 3D adventure “Drive Angry,” “The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans” and “The Wicker Man.”

June 16, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized2 Comments

It took James Gandolfini 6 years to get the story of Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn to the screen. Now HBO has just given the green light to Hemingway & Gellhorn, an original movie produced by Gandolfini, who first was attached to star in the project in 2004 when it was envisioned as a feature. He then brought Hemingway to HBO through his Attaboy production banner, which has been based at the pay cable network since 2006. It was worth the wait now that it stars Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman as one of American literature’s most famous couples. Philip Kaufman will direct from a script by Barbara Turner and Jerry Stahl. Filming is slated for next year in Northern California. Gandolfini will executive produce with his producing partner at Attaboy, Alex Ryan, as well as Turner, Philip Kaufman and Peter Kaufman. Gandolfini’s managers Nancy Sanders and Mark Armstrong will serve as co-executive producers and Trish Hofmann as producer.

In 1936, Ernest Hemingway was already a legend when he met Gellhorn, a novelist and one of the greatest war correspondents of the 20th Century, in a local bar in Key West. Their tumultuous romance and subsequent 5-year marriage took them to the Spanish Civil War as Gellhorn stood toe-to-toe with the literary master, putting his famous bravado and iconic style to the test. Gellhorn’s competitive nature inspired the novelist to pen one of its most famous novels, For Whom the Bell Tolls.

June 15, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s daughter Sunday Rose will celebrate her second birthday next month, so it’s still too early to tell if she’s picked up her mother’s acting talents or father’s musical chops.

However, according to Urban, she is clearly her mother’s daughter in one key area. “I think she’s a combination of both of us so far,” he says of Sunday’s looks, “but she got my wife’s legs, which is very lucky for her. She sure didn’t deserve mine.”

The CMT Music Award winner for male video of the year (Urban picked up a “Buckle” for “‘Til Summer Comes Around”) performed Friday night of the CMA Music Festival with a little help from his friends Sarah Buxton and Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman on background vocals.

June 4, 2010   •  Category: Uncategorized2 Comments

The 42-year-old actress has starred in dozens of blockbuster films during the course of her 20-year career, including Moulin Rouge!, The Hours, Cold Mountain and Nine. Her fame is such that Nicole is approached by fans no matter where she goes, which is something she still finds hard to believe.

“It still blows my mind that I can go to places in the world that I’ve never been and people know who I am,” she said. “It makes the world feel smaller; it’s a very warm feeling. People love Moulin Rogue! – that always seems to be the movie they mention.” Nicole loves meeting fans from different cultures, but says being able to make a difference in the world is the best thing about being famous. The star is a global goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) and says the role is one of the most rewarding things she has ever done.

“UNIFEM is my passion in terms of women’s rights and gender equality,” she told British magazine Hello! “They work tirelessly to eradicate violence against women, to make sure laws are either implemented or upheld to protect women and to help every girl in the world to receive an education.

“I was raised by a feminist mother. I want to give back and protect women because if you do that you protect families

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