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August 29, 2009   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

The Rabbit Hole article below was accompanied by the first 2 stills from the movie, and I have added them to our Gallery! This movie looks like it’s going to be really intense and emotional … although on a much lighter note, I think we’re all really excited to see Nic’s red hair back ;)

Thanks to Lewton for posting the article and photos at the forum.

• Rabbit Hole: Stills x2

August 29, 2009   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

WATCHING Nicole Kidman stroll unencumbered through the streets of Queens is like seeing an out-of-place apparition, Marilyn Monroe on the subway platform instead of on the grate above. Yet there she was, walking down Bell Boulevard in Bayside in a long flax-colored cardigan, hardly noticed by the locals one bright morning this summer.

No, Ms. Kidman doesn’t come to Queens often. But she gladly spent a few weeks around the borough filming “Rabbit Hole,” an adaptation of David Lindsay-Abaire’s Pulitzer prize-winning drama about a fraying family. In the film version Douglaston stands in for Westchester, and Ms. Kidman toned down her glamour to play a suburban mother dealing with the loss of a child.

She took on another demanding new role as well, as a producer of the movie, the first from her production company, Blossom Films. With a modest budget of less than $10 million, a brisk 28-day shoot, a surprising director in John Cameron Mitchell, few frills (no trailers for the stars) and many interns, “Rabbit Hole” is more like an indie than a Hollywood production. Make no mistake: it was Ms. Kidman’s wattage that got it made, and quickly. But it does not yet have distribution.

August 25, 2009   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

Can lightning strike twice? Rob Marshall, who took the seemingly unfilmable Broadway musical “Chicago” to Oscar-winning heights in 2002, is expected by many to do the same for “Nine,” the Tony-winning musical adaptation of Federico Fellini’s semiautobiographical “8½.”

“Nine,” slated for a November release, stars Daniel Day-Lewis as fictional ’60s Italian cinema icon Guido Contini in the throes of midlife crisis, along with a bevy of Oscar-winning actresses who alternately attract and plague him, including Marion Cotillard (his wife), Penelope Cruz (his mistress), Judi Dench (his producer), Nicole Kidman (his star) and Sophia Loren (his mother). Kate Hudson (an American journalist) rounds out the cast.

“Nine” composer-lyricist Maury Yeston was realistic about handing his baby over to the movies. “It was incredibly important to understand that film is a director’s art, that (Marshall) be able to adapt this stage musical and make a film independent of an overcontrolling Broadway author looking over his shoulder,” he concedes. “That’s the very first thing I said to Rob.”

Still, the film offered Yeston another chance to extend his lifelong obsession with Fellini’s classic. He began working on the musical in 1973, won a Tony for its score in 1982 and tinkered with it for the 2003 Broadway revival. Having worked with Raul Julia in the original and Antonio Banderas in the revival, he was especially aware of “the impact of what some of the casting choices might be on the score.”

August 19, 2009   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

Thanks to Lea for this article.

Nicole Kidman is no Victoria Beckham — at least when it comes to appearing on Project Runway.

While the Spice Girl enjoyed a lengthy appearance during the season four finale of the hit Lifetime show, Runway’s co-host Tim Gunn tells OK! that Nicole’s appearance on Thursday night’s Project Runway: All-Star Challenge will be rather brief.

“Let me put it this way, yes, she makes an appearance,” Tim coyly told OK! when asked about the Oscar-winner’s role on the special, which sees eight designers from from previous seasons return to compete against each other. “She’s one of the reigning royal figures in Hollywood so we were thrilled to have her on the show in any capacity.”

August 18, 2009   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

Looks like it’s true! Click ‘…continue’ to read a couple more articles. This show airs this Thursday (20th) at 8 p.m EDT in the US. If anyone can contribute a video to Nicole’s Magic then please let me know!

Nicole Kidman has been hailed as a style icon and now the actress is set to help the contestants on “Project Runway: All Star Challenge” “make it work” with a cameo on the upcoming Lifetime special.

A source close to the show revealed exclusively to Access Hollywood that Nicole will be making a guest appearance on the design special. The source told Access that Nicole will help set up one of the challenges for the contestants.

As previously reported on, some of the most talented and controversial stars of the sewing room are back for a two-hour special that will air immediately preceding the highly anticipated premiere of the sixth season of “Runway.”

August 17, 2009   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

I’ve added a bunch of random photos to the Gallery today, including screencaps from that Chanel video I posted the other day and photos of two new Madame Tussauds wax figures of Nic. There is also a new Nine still in there as well. Thanks to Hamish for a scan and to Dana for another promo for The Hours. Click the link below to see all of today’s new uploads :)

• Last additions

August 16, 2009   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

I remembered that I had one final batch of photos from the Rabbit Hole set to add – from June 4th – and I’ve now added 70+ photos from this day on set. It looks like a pretty emotional scene – look at Nicole’s face up-close in some of the photos! That’s all the Rabbit Hole set photos added now, but I still have the Nine set photos and Vogue photoshoot set pics to add next, which I will do soon.

A few people have been emailing asking about forum registration – it has been closed because of spam bots and because I don’t have time to delete all the spam that comes from that. Forum registration is now open again though. I’ve also added a new theme there – it hasn’t been ‘Nicole-ified’ yet, but I will do that soon, plus add more new themes as well.

• On the set – June 4th 2009 x41
• On the set – June 4th 2009 – High Quality x32

August 12, 2009   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

Nicole is involved in a new Stop Rape Now campaign from UNIFEM. Thanks to Kayla for the alert.

There are daily reports of deliberate and widespread sexual abuse in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and Darfur, Sudan. As a member of the Say NO network, join UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman in an action of global solidarity to help stop rape as a tactic of war. The Stop Rape Now campaign, an effort by 12 United Nations organizations to prevent conflict-related sexual violence, is asking for your help.

How? GET CROSS! Join us in a display of global solidarity: Cross your arms, take a photo and upload it on the Stop Rape Now website. Adopting the UN Action’s crossed-arm gesture is an effective way to send the message that sexual terror will not be tolerated.

Your photo will be showcased on the Stop Rape Now website and in a large global mosaic at the UN Headquarters, showing that people around the world are raising their voices against what has been called one of history’s greatest silences.

August 12, 2009   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

Thanks to Leonor for pointing me in the direction of this promo video for Nicole’s Chanel No.5 advert. I think it’s a promo video to showcase the work of the adverts Director Of Photography, and it features some shots from the filming of the advert.

August 11, 2009   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

Hi fans! Firstly, as I mentioned on our Twitter account, I’m having some computer problems at the moment so can’t update much. Basically, I’m unable to access the majority of files on my computer so as I can’t get to them I can’t update the Gallery or get to the files of things I had saved to upload. I’m waiting for it to be fixed now. I’ll try and update what I can until it’s fixed … and then I’ll get started on a little Gallery revamp :)

For today though, I’ve added 185 photos from the Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards that Nic attended earlier this year.

Nic news is very quiet at the moment! She’s finished filming Rabbit Hole and doesn’t appear to have anything else officially lined up yet.

Remember to follow us on Twitter! I changed the colours there today to match this layout. I’ll post tidbits of Nic/site news there, and I was also thinking of doing a Picture Of The Day thing there – what do you think? I’m always coming across pictures that I love in the Gallery and I think Twitter would be a perfect place to do a Picture Of The Day thing.

• Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards x185

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