"I channel my energy into my marriage, and my husband. I think when you feel loved, it makes you feel more confident. Whether the project you do succeeds or fails, it doesn't matter; you have your loved one. Not to sound corny." - November 2007



2007 got off to a great start for Nicole as she spent the holiday with Keith, who was fresh out of rehab. In the middle of the month it was announced she and Daniel Craig would be the cover stars for the February issue of W magazine ... a hot photoshoot followed, and in the interview Daniel admitted "She turns me on. Not in a sordid, horrible way ... well, come to think of it ...". Nicole gets to be pictured with all the best men - on January 8th she attended the premiere of God Grew Tired Of Us (which she narrated) in LA alongside Brad Pitt (and Ms Jolie). At the premiere she spoke of the "beautiful spirits" of the stars of the film, and how she never allowed her son to have a toy gun. In film news, re-shoots took place for The Invasion after the studio were not happy with the first cut, and Nicole was involved in an on-set accident, but thankfully escaped mostly unharmed.

"I love the intimacy of working with the director and the other actors. That's probably the thing that draws me, that's where I get my high - and when people give you feedback in terms of being emotionally affected by something that you did."



February was full of exciting Nicole-goodness. There were rumours that Nicole was to guest-star on an episode of Nip/ Tuck, and that she would co-star with her best friend and fellow Australian Naomi Watts in the psychological drama Need, to be directed by Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy ... the Nip/Tuck rumours wer denied, but no more information on the status of Need has been released unfortunately. Fans were treated to a very personal interview/ conversation between Nicole and another of her best friends, Russell Crowe, as part of Oprah's Oscar Special tv show - in this interview Nicole got emotional when talking about Keith ... and revealed that they want to live on a farm! The highlight of the month came on February 25th at the Oscars, where Nicole walked the red carpet in a stunning red Balenciaga dress, alongside her equally stunning BFF Naomi Watts! There was no doubting who would be listed as the Best Dressed the next day!

"They say grief knits hearts in closer bonds than joy ever can. We've gone through a lot. She's been extraordinary." - Keith Urban on his wife



Mr and Mrs Urban began the month with a well deserved holiday together in St Barths. Needless to say the photographers tracked them down, and snaps were seen of them looking very relaxed and in love ... there were even pictures that looked like Nicole was pole-dancing for Keith! The rest of the month was fairly quiet - in film news, filming on Australia was just about to begin, and the first promotion for The Golden Compass started. During promotion for his latest album, Keith spoke about his love for his wife on numerous occasions, and said that marrying her was the "best thing I have ever done".

"As far as being a married man, it is the best thing I have ever done. And it is not just about being married; to me, it is about being married to her, to that woman because she has just saved my life - absolutely saved it." - Keith Urban on his wife



On April 1st Nic took her kids and friends to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards where she accepted an award for Happy Feet from Spiderman and Uncle Arthur from Bewitched Tobey Maguire and Steve Carrell. Soon after she went home to Australia, and filming for Australia started. Mr and Mrs Urban spent Easter with her family in Sydney, and were spotted enjoying the Royal Easter show with her nephew Hamish. On April 13th Nicole's parents and Keith proudly watched on as Nicole was given her Order Of Australia; Nicole was honoured with the accolade for her contribution to the arts and her charity work back in January 2006, but had not been able to make time to receive it due to filming commitments.

"Not only are you a tremendous actress but you are ... a great attribute to the nation." - The Governor General to Nicole when presenting her with her Order Of Australia



May was dominated by stories from the set of Australia, including Nicole and her co-star Hugh Jackman holding an impromptu meet-and-greet with fans watching the filming. The first photographs of Nicole on set became available and we got a taster of the gorgeous costumes Nicole would be wearing in the film. Keith, Bella and Connor joined Nic on set at various stages throughout the month, and Nicole got Connor a job working with the horses! Nicole also admitted she's like a love scene with Hugh, because he's a "hunk"!

"I have eaten fish and chips every night since I got here and I will definitely be coming out to the pub soon." - on her time in Bowen whilst filming Australia



June was a big month for Mrs Urban, as she turned the big 4-0 on the 20th, and she and Keith celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary on the 25th. Keith marked her birthday with a private fireworks display for the two of them, and the displayed ended with the words 'Happy Birthday Nicole' spelt out in fireworks. Filming continued on Australia, and 11 year old Brandon Walters was cast in a "pivotal role" alongside Nicole and Hugh. Nicole also became the face of the new Nintendo 'More Brain Training' campaign and appeared in TV and print ads for the game across Europe. The Australian's Womens Weekly magazine featured Nicole on the cover of their June issue, and inside were an interview where Nicole talked about her husband and her charity work. The gorgeous golden dresses she wore in the photoshoot were auctioned off for charity.

"I love being married to him. Now, I blush. I love being his wife. I do."



Filming for Australia headed to Darwin in July, but numerous problems hit the shoot including floods, Nicole being hit in the head with a gun AND Nicole almost toppling overboard in a boating scene! Both The Golden Compass and The Invasion were previewed at Comic Con, with further promotion being done for the former. Nicole was rumoured to be attached to both The Reader and Monte Carlo, though little more was known after the original articles were released.

"We have been wanting to make this film for so long and I think in my heart of hearts I have wanted to make a film for my country since I was little. To be doing it with Baz, who is probably the director I adore the most . . . I just love him and I understand him and he understands me."



August saw the release of The Invasion ... and it's best not to say any more! The film did not go down well with critics or the general audience, although some Nicole fans enjoyed it. It opened in 5th place at the US box office, making $5.9m - it was made for over $50m. Another month another set of new movie rumours - this month Nicole was linked to a remake of the Columbian horror movie "Al final del espectro", although as with most rumours, nothing more has been heard of this since. Nicole was confirmed for The Reader and filming was set to start in September with some of the cast; Nicole was still in Australia filming with Baz Luhrmann. Nicole's only public appearance this month was at the White Ribbon Fundraiser event on the 2nd, at which she sported a new, youthful hair style and a perky gold dress.

"I don't remember it, but I saw it on You Tube the next day and on the news! It was freaky but it's weird when you get to see that footage back but at the same time I said to them (the producers), 'You've got to put this in the movie because there's no way I'm going to have gone through all of this and not have it in the movie,' and it's in the movie." - on the car crash she was involved in whilst filming The Invasion



September was a quiet month for Nicole, besides the news that she was to be on the cover of the October issue of Vanity Fair. The cover featured Nicole 'baring all' (well, not exactly - that was just the title, but the cover was slightly over-exposing, some would argue) and inside was a revealing, controversial and personal interview, in which Nicole revealed she had a miscarriage at the beginning of her marriage to Tom Cruise. Nicole later denied this, clarifying it by saying she actually had an ectopic pregnancy. Ladies Home Journal had a slightly less publicised interview with Nicole and her Margot At The Wedding co-star Jennifer Jason Leigh.

"I'm more than willing to walk it with him. ... We were in a very, very, very bad, painful place and have managed to step through it, and I hope that gives some people some hope who may be in the same place. And that's enough said." - on Keith's addiction battles



October and November were busy months for Nicole. She and Keith flew to New York in early October so she could promote Margot At The Wedding - she attended a photocall/Q&A and screening at the New York Film Festival for the film, as well as New Line's 40th Anniversary Celebration - Nic turned heads at the New Line event in an elegant low-cut black dress. Margot At The Wedding received mostly good reviews from those who saw the screenings this month, and Nicole herself received raves, with most saying it was her best work for years. Nicole admitted that playing Margot was a "challenge" and "frightening", but maintained her usual professional approach towards a character, saying "when something's really well written, all you have to do is put yourself into the director's world". The official theatrical trailer for The Golden Compass received it's premiere at the New York Film Festival and the hype for the film upped even further. More news on Monte Carlo popped up, with it being suggested that Hollywood mega-star Julia Roberts would be one of the female co-stars. Back in Austrailer, filming on Australia continued, and Nicole was reported to have splashed out on some very expensive coffee for crew members! Nicole and Keith made their very first red carpet appearance at the ARIA Awards in Australia on the 28th, where Keith was nominated for several awards. Nicole had somewhat of a wardrobe malfunction as once on the red carpet she realised her black dress was see-through - she quickly bundled a black coat on to avoid embarrassment! Keith described Nicole as his "inspiration" when collecting the award for Best Country Album. Nicole and Jennifer Jason Leigh appeared on the cover of the November issue of Interview magazine, and were interviewed by the author of The Hours, Michael Cunningham. It was in this interview that Nicole stated she never says she is 'happy' because interviews are done in advance and "you never know where something's going" ... she also described life as "complicated and beautiful".

"She's an amazing actress, and so good to work with. It's like the scenes are electric there's incredible energy and subtlety. And it's just like breathing, but with all of this tension, especially in our scenes." - Jennifer Jason Leigh on Nicole



Always a fashion front-runner, on the 7th November Nicole stepped onto the red carpet at the Country Music Association Awards with Keith in a stunning pink and purple Alexander McQueen dress. The following day she and Jennifer Jason Leigh attended a Cinema Society screening of Margot At The Wedding. Margot At The Wedding received a limited release in North America on the 16th and did very well at the box office in relation to the number of screens it was shown on ... in fact, it was described as an "indie blockbuster". While clearly not reaching the masses, Margot At The Wedding has arguably been Nicole's most successful film for a good few years. Nic jetted back to Oz to continue filming on Australia, and whilst there was summoned to court to give evidence in a photographer vs. news publication case. Ever the jet-setting queen, later in the month Nicole flew over to England to promote The Golden Compass - she attended a press conference and premiere in London on the 27th ... Keith had a week off from his tour and made the trip with Nicole, and the two-some were the main focus on the premiere red carpet! Next up was New York where Nicole did more press for The Golden Compass in advance of it's release early in December. This month Nicole graced the cover of the American and Australian Marie Claire magazines, and Keith opened up about his decision to enter rehab and his marriage to Nicole in People. Nicole confirmed this month that she would not be filming the highly anticipated Wong Kar Wai film The Lady From Shanghai because she did not want to be away from Keith for such a long period of time.

"Because time is so precious, you go, 'I wish I hadn't spent my time trying that.' But you never know how something is going to turn out. You always strive to make a good movie. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. You step into something with the best of intentions and you hope. I think that kind of approach to a career, and a life, is the healthiest way to be. You just keep moving forward and try to view the world with compassion." -



December was the month of The Golden Compass. The film opened in the UK on December 5th, and followed worldwide through the month, including the US on December 7th and Australia on December 26th. Nicole couldn't make it to the New York premiere on the 2nd because of Australia filming schedules, but she attended the Sydney premiere on the 16th, and hosted a screening for children from the Sydney Children's Hospital on the 18th. Unfortunately the film did not do as well as expected/hoped ... in the US at least - by the middle of December it had made over $100m at the international (non-US) box office but only $44m in the US. The release was also surrounded by much controversy about the religious elements, although the cast and studio played this down. Filming for Australia finally wrapped around the date of the 21st, and we got a sneak peek at the film when two stills/promo shots were released.

"My sister's kids, my kids, my mum, my husband's family - and I mean his whole family! - will all be there. It will be a classic English meal with all the trimmings. We'll sweat while we cook it in the sweltering heat, but boy, we get that meal on the table, no matter what." - on how she will spend Christmas this year

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